My man cheated with his EX while I was pregnant – she had his baby a month after me but I’ve banned him from seeing them – The Sun

TANYA Holland was pregnant with their third child when her partner Michael started disappearing and ignoring her calls while he was out.

Raising two young lads and battling post-natal depression, the 42-year-old, from Hackney, East London, struggled to cope with Michael's increasing absence – and visits to his son with another woman.

And she was horrified when Michael revealed the truth – he had been cheating with his ex, who was also pregnant with his baby and due just a month after Tanya.

Here, speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Tanya tells her story…

When Michael and I found out I was pregnant with our third child, I was desperate for a little girl.

“You know it won’t be though,” Michael said. “I only father boys.”

It was true. We had been together for seven years and had two sons together. Michael already had three kids when we got together – and they were all boys too.

I loved Michael, but life had been difficult over the past few years.

After our first son was born five years ago, I got post-natal depression.

Our relationship struggled as a result and Michael would often disappear – not answering his phone.

I was starting to get jealous. It was great Michael was being a dad to his son, but at the same time I wanted him to be home with our boys

When I got pregnant with our second son, now two, I had hoped it would lift the gloom.

But it didn't – my depression got worse, leaving things even more strained between the two of us.

I knew I was struggling, but it was hard seeing Michael go out so much. He'd either be out with mates or visiting a son from one of his previous relationships.

I'd really encouraged him to get to know the boys, but he was spending more and more time with one of his sons.

I was starting to get jealous. It was great he was being a dad to his son, but at the same time I wanted him to be home with our boys.

We started rowing more, I didn't know what to do. I blamed myself for driving him away, not being more understanding.

Six months after our second son was born, at the beginning of last year, I found out I was pregnant again.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry – I was struggling to cope already, with the two little ones and my depression.

I loved being a mum, but it wasn't easy.

'I've got some news too,' he told me. 'My ex is pregnant and it's mine. I'm so sorry'

But Michael seemed thrilled. "That's great!" he said.

When he was home, Michael was a doting dad. But I wished he was around more to help out.

By the time of our 12-week scan, Michael was still visiting his older son several times a week.

I had to bite my lip, I just wanted him home with us. I felt like I never saw him – how was I going to cope with a third child?

One day, I read an article in a magazine which claimed you could cure PND by having a girl.

I looked up hopefully at Michael. "You know we won't be having a girl," he said. "It would be lovely but this will be my sixth, and it will be another boy. Sorry."

I would have loved a little girl to make our family complete, and curing my PND would be amazing – I would give anything for that.

But I thought Michael was right – until our five-month scan.

All those times he said he was going to spend quality time with his son, he'd actually been sleeping with another woman

Michael didn't come with me, he was laying a new floor for us with a friend. We needed it done before the baby arrived, so I was happy to go off without him.

At the hospital, my hopes were confirmed. I phoned Michael immediately. "We're having a girl!" I screamed down the phone.

When I got home, the men were still hard at work, but Michael took me upstairs to chat.

He was crying with excitement and kept saying: "I can't believe it", but then he stopped smiling.

Post-natal depression: the facts

Post-natal depression is a common problem, affecting more than 10% of mums in the first year of having a baby.

It can also affect dads and partners.

It's different from the 'baby blues' – feeling down, tearful and anxious – which affects most mums and should not last for more than two weeks.

If your symptoms last for longer than two weeks, you could have PND and should seek help from your GP or midwife.

Symptoms include:

  • A persistent feeling of sadness/low mood
  • Lack of energy
  • Trouble sleeping at night
  • Difficulty bonding with your baby
  • Lack of enjoyment/interest in the wider world
  • Withdrawing contact from friends
  • Difficulty concentrating and making decisions
  • Frightening thoughts – e.g. about harming your baby.

There's no evidence having a girl can cure PND.

"I've got some news too," he told me. "My ex is pregnant and it's mine. I'm so sorry."

Everything stopped. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"I'm so sorry," Michael repeated. "I slept with her and now she's pregnant, there's two months between the babies."

I sat down, I couldn't take it in. I'd gone from being over the moon to devastated.

I put my hand on my belly. What was going to happen now?

I told Michael he couldn't have any contact with his son, not until I was ready

"What made you tell me now?" I asked him.

"She told a friend who said she would tell you if I didn't. I didn't want it coming from anyone else," he replied.

The truth hurt even more – if she hadn't threatened him, he would have never told me.

He admitted it had been going on for a few months. All those times he said he was going to spend quality time with his son, he'd actually been sleeping with another woman.

I thought he was doing the right thing by going to see his boy. But instead he'd been lying and cheating.

It was too much, I couldn't see us having a future, not after he'd lied to me like that.

I told him it was over, in my mind it was. But Michael wouldn't give up, he kept begging for another chance.

I didn't know what to do. I was heavily pregnant and still loved him, but he'd betrayed me.

Eventually, we talked and I gave him an ultimatum. "If you want to make this work, you have to change your ways.

"No more disappearing off with your mates and not answering my phone calls.

"You need to pull your weight around the house, helping out and with the kids.

"And I’m sorry but you can’t have contact with your son or your new baby. Not until I’m ready for it."

I thought he was doing the right thing by going to see his boy. But instead he'd been lying and cheating

It was a lot to ask, but it was the least I deserved after what he'd done.

Michael agreed, said he'd do anything to save our relationship.

It wasn't easy, but Michael was by my side when Storm was born on November 14 last year.

Even more amazingly, I felt the depression lift off my shoulders when she was born.

"The depression has gone," I told Michael the next day. "That article was right, having a daughter has cured it."

He couldn't believe it, but we didn't care. I felt like the old me again.

Michael, 43, says:

“I just wanted to be there for my ex and son – I had a baby with her seven years ago and then this one.

“Tanya says she wants me to have nothing to do with this kid for a couple of years but I’m hoping she’ll come around.

“To be quite honest I didn’t mean to do any of this stuff. It just happened and this is what I’ve got at the end.”

Since then, Michael has been a changed man. He helps around the house and I always know where he is these days. In fact, he hardly ever goes out.

He really makes an effort. I’m changed too, I’m back to being me again and the kids are amazing. Our family really is complete with our gorgeous baby girl.

His ex gave birth to a son a month after me. Michael hasn’t had contact yet.

I’m still not ready. I know it's not the boy's fault and I will let them meet, but not just yet.

Meanwhile, me and Michael are better than we’ve ever been.

He betrayed me and lied to me, then turned what should have been my happiest day into my worst.

But we have come through it. It’s not been easy, but he’s worked hard to make it up to me.

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Cardi B Looked Exceedingly Glamorous at Court

Cardi B showed up at Queens Criminal Court on Tuesday in an unbelievably over-the-top look fit for, well, a queen. The rapper arrived at her hearing in a dramatic black feathered coat with a ten-foot-long train by Adrienne Landau, called the “Queen’s coat.” Cheeky.

Cardi paired her Elton John-esque outerwear with an equally outré wide-brimmed feathered hat, sleek black pants, a white button-down with a tie, and sky-high Louboutins. She looked like a Disney villainess. The woman really knows how to create a moment—an entourage even came along just to help her carry the coat around. She took it off during the proceedings.

The hearing was held regarding an allegation of assault at the Angels Strip Club in Queens last year. Two Angels bartenders claim that Cardi B and her entourage committed assault by throwing chairs, bottles, and a hookah pipe at them. One of the bartenders, Sarah “Jade” Wattley, is rumored to have had a relationship with Cardi’s husband, Offset (she now dates Tekashi 69), and claims that Cardi orchestrated an attack on her. The rapper was arrested in October of 2018 and was charged with two misdemeanors for assault and reckless endangerment. As Entertainment Tonight reports, she rejected a plea deal in April, and has since plead not guilty to twelve charges including two felony attempted assault with intent to cause serious injury.

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Court 😒🙄

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The hearing was mainly focused on Cardi’s lawyer’s attempts to obtain private social media messages that they say will help prove her innocence. The rapper reportedly stayed silent in court, and another hearing has been set for January, which she is not required to attend. When ET spoke with Offset about the case, he said "Everything's good. We're blessed."

Cardi’s previous court looks include a range of colorful, structured suits—a perfect showcase for her early ‘90s, Fran Drescher-inspired style. If she has to go back again, at least she’ll look fabulous.

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Surprise! Reformation's Having a Better Than Black Friday Sale — Hurry Before It's Over

Surprise! Reformation’s Having a Better Than Black Friday Sale — Hurry Before It’s Over

If you just can’t get enough of Reformation’s pretty dresses, flattering tops, and cozy sweaters, well you’re in major luck. The sustainable brand just launched its Winter sale and the deals are so insane, you won’t want to miss them. Whether you’re still looking for that perfect gift for your BFF or you have some money leftover to treat yourself to something from your own wish list, now’s the time to shop.

To help you find the hottest picks, we curated a list of the best pieces that already selling like crazy. A few of these are even celeb favorites, so what are you waiting for?! From sexy snake-print dresses to stunning tops you can rock on New Year’s Eve, don’t wait a second longer. Keep reading to snag your favorites before it’s too late.

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45 Easy Outfit Ideas For a Night Out in the Cold

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A Jean Shirt, Jeans, and a Shoulder Bag

Planning a night-out look when it’s cold can be a real headache. How do you show a slip of leg or bare a hint of your midriff without freezing your you-know-what off? You want to appear sexy, but you also consider yourself to be sophisticated and stylish — and managing to find a happy medium when the cool wind’s blowing isn’t always easy.

Lucky for you, we found 45 outfits that hit home. They’re all chic, elevated, and on point for a handful of “going out” destinations, from the bar to date night, where you’re looking to turn heads. Now all you need to do is keep this list on hand and get to styling. Sounds easy enough, if you ask us.

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Reformation Is Having A Major Sale Right Now — Here’s What You Should Get

Attention fashion lovers: Reformation’s annual Winter Sale is happening today and it’s stacked with some of the best looks for 40% off. Happy holidays to you and your closet!

The LA-based brand (offering sizes XS-XL) is known for serving up some of the most on-trend runway-inspired looks. But some customers will find that while shopping there, items can cost up to $500. That’s why this sale of the year is one you’ll want to hop on quickly.

Even some of the most stylish celebrities are hooked on Reformation’s pieces, which are conveniently also on sale. The Maxwell Dress, which has been worn by Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, is up for grabs. Plus, Millie Bobby Brown has been spotted wearing the brand’s Kosta Dress (on two occasions) which is also on sale for 40% off.

The sale is only for today, but it’s applicable to items online and in-store. Rev up your engines because items on the site are sure to go quickly. Ready for a haul? Here are some of the best picks from Reformation’s Winter Sale.

Maxwell Dress

The popular sustainable brand brings you this chic blazer dress that Chopra-Jonas wore back in August. The deep-V neckline makes for an edgy feature (not to mention those shoulder pads tho!).

Caprice Top

Reformation is good at supplying easy statement pieces like this waistline wrap top. Flirty and versatile, you can wear this with anything from skirts to pants and jeans.

Kosta Dress

Millie Bobby Brown sported this cute satin animal print dress for an Instagram post. The color is named Pink Panther, which couldn’t be more appropriate with its very Scary Spice-inspired print. This dress will only set you back $130 in checkout.

Belle Flat

Though the Belle Flat is called a flat, it still has a slight baby heel to give you a little extra lift. Plus, it comes in red, too.

Lacey Dress

There’s no better way to get hyped for spring than with a midi dress. Sweetheart necklines are always on trend and this Lacey Dress has a modern twist with its standout slit. Get on it while you still can.

Mick Pant

The rigid fabric in these jeans gives off the impression of corduroy, which is very in right now. The throwback look offers a slightly flared leg to bring you back to the ’70s.

Noha Dress

Emily Ratajkowski was recently spotted in LA dressed in this cute Noha mini dress in another fun print (there are several).

Olive Jean

These high-waisted jeans are stylish, yet comfortable. Plus, they also come in this vintage light denim wash, too.

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Queen wears Vladimir Tiara – Meghan Markle wanted it for her wedding day but was denied

Queen Elizabeth, 93, wore a stunning tiara and eye-catching jewels as she greeted and mingled with members of the Diplomatic Corps, at a reception hosted at Buckingham Palace in London. The reception is an annual event for 1,000 guests including ambassadors, high commissioners and government officials.


  • Camilla Parker Bowles tiara: Duchess stuns in £3million Greville tiara

The Queen was pictured wearing her favourite royal tiara – the Vladimir Tiara – which Meghan Markle was supposedly denied from wearing at her wedding.

The head-piece is one of the Queen’s go-to-pieces and over the years she has been pictured wearing it on numerous occasions.

The tiara, designed by an unknown Russian jewellery craftsman, consists of fifteen interlaces thick metal circles.

At the bottom of the tiara, the overlapping circles are attached to a semi-circular think band of metal, that form the circlet of the tiara.

At the top the overlapping circles are held together by a wavy snake-like band that intertwines  the circles passing in and out of them.

The thick circles as well as the upper and lower bands are closely laden with round brilliant-cut diamonds, that impart the brilliant sparkle so characteristic of this tiara.

The beauty of the tiara was further enhanced by the swinging emerald drops or pendants with small diamond set mounts, positioned inside each circle, but hanging from the wavy band and not from the circle. 

Tiaras are traditionally made of precious metals such as platinum, gold and silver, and the Vladamir Tiara appears to be made from either platinum or silver.

How Kate Middleton made sure she stood out at the Royal Variety Performance [PICTURES]
Kate Middleton: Why is the Duchess often spotted with this odd item? [EXPERT COMMENT]
Kate Middleton wears £550 dress to meet conservation award winners [VIDEO]

The Vladimir Tiara was given to Marie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin when she married Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of Russia in 1897.

It came to the UK in 1917 when Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna was advised to flee Russia after the revolution.

The tiara was smuggled out of Russia in a pair of Gladstone bags.

The piece was in a little disrepair, but was bought from Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna’s daughter Grand Duchess Elena in 1921 by Queen Mary.


  • Why Philip’s age is NOT a factor in Queen’s retirement decision

Queen Mary, who was renowned for her collection of royal jewels, and took pride in superbly bejewelling herself for formal occasions had an intimate knowledge of jewellery and their designing, and decided that the “Vladimir Tiara” needed modification.

The original setting for the tiara included pearl drops instead of emerald one’s.

However, Queen Mary had royal jewellers Garrard & Co repair the gems and three years later had a set of 15 Cambridge emeralds attached to the stunning piece.

The Vladimir Tiara was inherited by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in 1953, according to the last will left by Queen Mary.

Thus the “Vladimir Tiara” entered the personal jewelry collection of Her Majesty the Queen.

Her Majesty the Queen has been wearing this tiara on formal occasions since the time of her coronation in 1953.

Last year, it was rumoured that the Queen and Meghan Markle got into a disagreement, with claims that the Duchess of Sussex requested to wear the Vladimir Tiara to her wedding, and the Queen denying her request.

According to the Sun, in a book by reporter Robert Jobson it tells the story of the disagreement over the tiara.

A royal insider told the writer: “Meghan had her heart set on this tiara with emeralds and Prince Harry hit the roof when they were told it was impossible for her to wear it.

“The provenance of the tiara could not be established. There were concerns it could have come from Russia originally.

“There was a very heated exchange that prompted the Queen to speak to Harry. She said, ‘Meghan cannot have whatever she wants. She gets what tiara she’s given by me’.”

Meghan wore the Queen Mary Lozenge Tiara in the end instead. 

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Here Are the Best Drunk Elephant Gift Sets From Sephora So You Can Win the Holidays

Here Are the Best Drunk Elephant Gift Sets From Sephora So You Can Win the Holidays

Have you ever — in between all the shopping for family and friends — seen a gift that made you want to stop and buy a little something for yourself, too? That’s the case with these Drunk Elephant sets from Sephora. We already love the products . . . but when packaged together as a deal, they’re even harder to resist.

Whether gift sets feature mini or full-sized items, there’s just something about them that make us feel like we’re scoring a deal, especially when they’re limited edition kits (as many of these are). They’re a good way to try out a new skincare routine, or get ready for a big trip, and these sets are great because they do those things, all with Drunk Elephant products.

Now, how convenient that the Holiday Hooray event is going on through Dec. 17: Rouge-level shoppers knock $25 off, VIB receive $20 off, and Beauty Insiders get $15 off any purchase of $75 or more by adding the promo code 2019HOORAY at checkout, so there’s even more savings to be had.

Check out all the Drunk Elephant gift sets at Sephora ahead to see what you’re tempted to give (to someone else or yourself) this season.

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Terry de Havilland, Cobbler to the Stars, Is Dead at 81

If you wanted style and edge in your footwear in the 1970s, Terry de Havilland was your go-to designer. He offered gravity-defying wedges with metallic accents. Also bondage boots. Even winkle-pickers. They came in his favored psychedelic colors, inspired by his frequent LSD trips.

Mr. de Havilland, a noted party boy and cobbler to the stars, died on Nov. 27 in London at 81.

His death was announced on his website. The cause was not specified.

Mr. de Havilland’s output included python boots for Rudolf Nureyev, black leather thigh-high boots with red satin lining for Jacqueline Onassis, spangled platforms for David Bowie and a naughty creation for Kate Moss, who asked him to make her a pair of bright red snakeskin platforms decorated with a vulgarity written in Swarovski crystals.

“I designed most of my shoes on acid, and the opening party for my shop in the King’s Road was famous for the three Cs — champagne, cocaine and caviar,” Mr. de Havilland wrote in The Guardian in 2006. “God knows who was there — everybody.”

His shop, Cobblers to the World, with its mirrored walls and purple velvet banquettes, opened in 1972 and became party central. His designs ran from acid green to peach. His cowgirl boots featured glittering stilettos. His clientele included the Beatles and Elton John. He became known as “the rock ’n’ roll cobbler.”

He often didn’t know who was in his shop. “I was usually doing drugs out back,” he once said. He was also pouring milk into shoe samples to feed stray cats.

In those early days, his first wife, Sandy Conlin, left him for a woman. She later turned to hard drugs and died of an overdose.

The shop flew high for years, but in the 1980s and ’90s Mr. de Havilland fell into a business slump and slipped off the fashion pages. So completely had he vanished, according to The Telegraph, that Cher assumed he had shuffled off his mortal coil — until she ran into him one day in 1995. She had gone to his factory looking for shoes for herself and her friend Bette Midler when she spotted him.

“My God,” she told him. “Me and Bette used to buy your shoes in Paris — we assumed you were French, gay and dead.”

In Mr. de Havilland’s version of that story, in The Guardian, Cher was wearing “a daggy old tracksuit,” and after crying out “I thought you were dead!” she told him that she and Ms. Midler “were down to sharing their last pair of de Havilland shoes.” He said she bought 13 pairs on the spot “to tide her over.”

Mr. de Havilland said he always loved women, and he fathered three sons with three different ones. His only criterion for them seemed to be that they have small feet, what he called “sample size,” preferably Size 5. “Couldn’t have lived with them otherwise,” he wrote.

No doubt his sky-high heels could be difficult to wear. But Mr. de Havilland took care that they not impede his clientele, whether it was Beyoncé, Amy Winehouse or Madonna, from dancing or otherwise performing. And no one complained.

“The effect on the wearer’s confidence, to his mind, far outweighed any discomfort,” The Telegraph said in its obituary, “and when questioned about his heels he insisted: ‘I think they empower women. They give you your own little stage to stand on.’”

He was born Terrence Higgins in London’s East End on March 21, 1938, and grew up there. During the war, his cobbler parents made black-market shoes from scavenged scraps for showgirls. By the time he was 5, Terry was hammering in dowels for their three-tier wedges.

“He had been playing with leather scraps and wooden lasts since infancy and had unbridled ideas about exotic and erotic materials, shape and decoration,” The Guardian said.

He married Ms. Conlin when she became pregnant. In the late 1950s, they went to Rome to see if he could break into acting, but that didn’t work out and he returned to London to immerse himself in his parents’ shoe business. He thought the surname Higgins insufficiently glamorous; Sandy reached for a phone book and picked out the name de Havilland.

He first came to public attention in 1964, when, during a photo shoot in London, someone spotted the shoes he had designed for his girlfriend, the model Perin Lewis. A feature in the fashion magazine Queen followed and made those shoes an instant must-have.

He was soon attracting celebrities. Both Ms. Midler and Bianca Jagger would showcase his distinctive snakeskin three-tiered wedges.

In 1970 his father was accidentally electrocuted by some machinery in his shoe factory. He died in his son’s arms, The Telegraph said, and control of the business passed to Terry.

It was successful for a time. He created Tim Curry’s shoes for his role as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1975). But shoe fashion was fickle, and in 1979 his shop was liquidated.

While many of his creations were hits, the market kept shifting and his business was uneven for the next several years. Finding it difficult to compete in the global marketplace, he was forced into liquidation again, in 1999, and in 2001 he suffered a minor heart attack.

In 2003 he married his second wife, Liz Cotton. She survives him, as do his son Perry, from his first marriage; his son Jason, whose mother was Ms. Lewis; his son Caesar, whose mother was Angie Burdon; and five grandchildren.

In time, the ’70s styles that had originally made him popular made a comeback. He received a burst of welcome publicity after the BBC broadcast a documentary, “Trouble at the Top” (2004), about his spat with Prada’s Miu Miu label. The designer had copied one of his metallic platform creations (Prada called it a “homage,” and it appeared in an episode of “Sex and the City”) but eventually paid him a settlement.

He started new labels, and by 2013, when his signature Margaux shoe, a five-inch wedge, turned 40, it was once again all the rage.

At least one pair of his ’70s snakeskin leather platforms in iridescent metallic colors went into the fashion collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum. In 2010 he received the Drapers Footwear Lifetime Achievement Award, bestowed by the British Footwear Association, for his half-century in the industry.

In an interview with, he said that Queen Elizabeth II and the pope (he did not specify which one) had both considered having him design custom shoes for them, but that they both pulled out at the last minute — probably, he said, “because they Googled me.”

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The Long Claims Behind Longer Eyelashes

When an eyelash growth product called Lavish Lash became an Amazon best seller in 2017, a flood of customers promptly wrote to ask: Can I use this on my eyebrows?

Answer: Yes. But then, inevitably, the product’s maker, a Miami company called Hairgenics, released an eyebrow-specific formula. Asked about the key difference in the new product, Mark Transky, the president of the company, said in an interview: “It’s about 15 percent stronger.”

Then he laughed and said, almost ruefully, “Now people are going to use this one on their lashes.”

Such is the desperation for doe eyes and big brows that it seems customers (mostly women) will try almost anything. “There has been a cultural infatuation with brows for some time, along with an increased interest in glowing skin and big lashes,” Dave Kimbell, the president of the Ulta Beauty cosmetic chain, wrote in an email.

It’s a trend that shows little sign of stopping, he said. Besides the many offerings by niche companies like RapidLash, legacy brands like L’Oréal and Maybelline have recently released lash serums.

But what really does work? For actually growing hair, not very much.

This is partly because, compared with the hairs on your head, both lashes and brows have super-short growth phases, so it’s tough to catch them then, when they’re treatable.

“You wouldn’t want to yank out all your eyelashes just to get them all to start growing at the same time,” said Angela Christiano, a hair geneticist and a professor of dermatology at Columbia University.

For lashes, there is still only one product proven effective: Latisse, the brand name for a prostaglandin called bimatoprost. The 11-year-old prescription drug, made by Allergan, continues to be popular, in spite of its risks. Besides dry and itchy eyes, side effects include permanent darkening of the skin around the eye and of the iris itself (like from blue to brown).

Users may also see drooping of the upper eyelid and shrinking of the fat pad beneath the eye. (The shrinking may not be a bad thing if you have puffy eyes, but it can make your eyes look sunken if you have deep-set ones.)

There are also over-the-counter potions made with analogues of prostaglandins — often isopropyl cloprostenate, dechloro dihydroxy difluoro ethylcloprostenolamide or methylamido dihydro noralfaprostal on ingredient lists. These are very likely to work, said Maryanne Senna, a dermatologist and the director of the Hair Academic Innovative Research Unit (get it? HAIR) at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

But, she said, “the likelihood of them causing the same problems as Latisse is real.

“That’s my big fear with people buying them, that they won’t be informed about the risk,” Dr. Senna said. (She does prescribe Latisse, though only after a rundown of potential drawbacks.)

A pending federal class-action suit against Rodan + Fields, the maker of the popular Lash Boost (which contains isopropyl cloprostenate), accuses the company of deceptive marketing and said it “failed to disclose the harmful side effects linked to an ingredient.”

A second-class action suit, as well as a personal injury lawsuit, are also pending. Rodan + Fields had no comment.

With any of the prostaglandins, you will need to keep using them or your lashes or brows will go back to whatever they were originally — or, if you have been using the products for years, possibly worse, because of age-related thinning.

Anything without a prostaglandin, no matter how impressive or scientific sounding the ingredients, is unlikely to make lashes grow. Most beauty products in this arena, including ones costing upward of $100, contain “completely inactive bogus ingredients,” said Dr. Senna, who is also an assistant professor of dermatology at Harvard University. (Somewhat tellingly, no doctor interviewed had specific products to recommend.)

What serums like Lavish Lash do, and what may prompt the thousands of five-star reviews, is make lashes look fuller and thicker by coating them with film, said Perry Romanowski, a cosmetic chemist and a founder of, a site where scientists examine product claims.

Mr. Romanowski scoffs at myths companies spin around ingredients like horsetail root and sweet almond protein, saying results actually come from prosaic things like hydroxyethylcellulose, a gelling and thickening agent often found in plain old-fashioned (and much cheaper) mascara.

When it comes to growing brows, there is no product proven specifically effective for them. This doesn’t mean nothing works. Plenty of women successfully use either Latisse or a cheaper option, Rogaine 5 percent, applied carefully with a cotton bud.

Beware of dripping, Dr. Senna said. Otherwise you will have hair growth in areas you don’t want it. (Rogaine works slightly more slowly than Latisse, she said.)

You will get the best results from these products if your brows are naturally thin or if the thinning is, as happens to everyone, aging related. No growth-stimulating product will do anything if you have destroyed the hair follicle by overly aggressive plucking, said Melissa Piliang, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic.

“You could put on all of these products, and the hair around it will respond, but it won’t come back in that little spot,” she said. (Unfortunately, you can’t tell by looking if the follicle has been destroyed. All you can do is try a drug for at least three months.)

Serums and conditioning treatments may make your brow hair look thicker because of similar ingredients to the lash ones, but Mr. Romanowski said that the expensive ones are “pretty much just marketing.” No effective raw material costs that much.

Soul Lee, an aesthetician in Manhattan whose clients include Chrissy Teigen, said the current favorite among her customers, nearly half of whom use a serum, is NeuBrow. Ms. Lee herself avoids brow concoctions in a tube. She once tried a RevitaLash solution (it has ones for brows), which, she said, irritated her skin.

“I just fill in every day, and I don’t think about it anymore,” Ms. Lee said. (For lashes, her habitués who are wary of Latisse like GrandeLash serum, which, caveat emptor, contains a prostaglandin analog.)

New treatments may be on the horizon. Dr. Christiano and her colleagues have successfully sprouted new human hairs in the lab, using a multistep recipe that includes skin fibroblasts, collagen, hair follicle dermal cells and 3-D-printed comb-shaped molds that have holes that mimic different hair densities.

Dr. Christiano, who suffers from alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes partial or total hair loss, hopes to be able to implant these proto-hairs back into a patient’s scalp (or possibly, eyebrows).

Another goal of hers is that the “hair farms” the lab creates could help with screening for new hair drugs, something that was previously not possible because there was no way to create human hairs in a dish.

Both Rogaine and Latisse were discovered by accident, happy side effects of drugs originally designed to treat other ailments, minoxidil (Rogaine) for hypertension and bimatoprost (Latisse) for glaucoma.

“There hasn’t been a lot of hair drug discovery because there hasn’t been a way to screen,” she said. “Finally we can break through the bottlenecks.”

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Crafty mum covers her son’s ENTIRE bedroom in wrapping paper and blames it on his Elf on the Shelf

A CRAFTY mum spent hours wrapping her entire son’s bedroom in wrapping paper – to convince him the Elf on the Shelf was real.

Charlotte Preston, 27, decided to step up her festive antics in a bid to reassure Conrad, eight, that the elves were monitoring his behaviour in the run up to Christmas.

Charlotte, from Lancashire, had used Elf on the shelf pranks for the past three years to entertain her son, so decided to take things to the next level to ensure the ruse continued.

She wanted to show Conrad that his elves, Noelle and Buddy, were watching his every move, so decided to wrap his entire bedroom in wallpaper.

Charlotte roped her brother in to help her, after being inspired by seeing a similar prank online.

She said: “I saw a tree covered in wrapping paper that someone had done and blamed on their elf on the shelf, so I knew I had to give it a go myself.

"Because Conrad is currently having his bedroom decorated, a lot of the furniture was already out of the way, so myself and my brother decided to wrap it up.

"It took us a total of five hours, one broken tape dispenser and cost £7 due to us using five rolls of wrapping paper.

"I have definitely outdone myself in comparison to the other years I have done this – it was definitely the most extreme!"

Charlotte confirmed Conrad was shocked when he saw his redecorated bedroom – and he’d been on his best behaviour ever since.

Plus this woman threatened to divorce her husband after he covered their entire kitchen in wrapped paper.

Meanwhile parents are raving about a £10 felt tree which they say keeps kids entertained for hours.

And shoppers are snapping up Spice Girls themed decorations saying it’s what they’ve always wanted for their tree.

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