Jeff Shell: Who Is the NBCUniversal Heir Apparent?

Analytical, decisive, loyal, fair, empowering. Those are just a few of the choice words industry insiders who have worked with incoming NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell — set to succeed current chief exec Steve Burke, as Variety exclusively reported — use to describe the longtime media exec. 

On Universal’s North Hollywood lot, many insiders who work alongside Shell were relieved that the cat was finally out of the bag. In the wake of January’s corporate restructuring, succession lines were clearly drawn for those inside the company, one top Universal executive said on the condition of anonymity, despite NBCUniversal sports, news, and cable head Mark Lazarus having been positioned as a potential challenger. The Comcast-owned company had at the beginning of the year expanded Shell’s role to include NBC Entertainment, NBCUniversal’s international division and Telemundo, elevating him to his current role as chairman of NBCUniversal Film and Entertainment

Multiple insiders characterize Shell as a well-liked exec (and huge L.A. sports fan) whose overall goodwill was compounded this year by the man hours he’s put in to understand the larger scope of the corporate business. He has traveled quite a bit since the bolstering of his title in January at Burke’s behest, trying to educate himself on arenas outside of filmed entertainment and corporate strategy.

Shell is a show-business veteran. Prior to his leap into his current post, he occupied the role of chairman of Universal Film and Entertainment Group, which includes Universal Pictures, for about five and a half years. It’s a tenure that includes the theatrical premieres of titles from the “Jurassic World” and “Fast & Furious” franchises plus the oversight of Universal’s consumer products, games, live entertainment and digital properties such as movie ticket site Fandango. His past professional lives include time as president of Comcast Programming Group, CEO of Gemstar TV Guide International and president of Fox Cable Networks Group. 

According to several television executives who have worked with Shell over the past decade, he seems like an ideal choice for the top spot at NBCU. His former colleagues praised his uncanny ability to both grasp difficult concepts while presenting those ideas to others in a simple, effective way. They also described him as a person who doesn’t seek to hog all the credit for accomplishments for himself. Rather, Shell is characterized as someone who remains humble, despite his stature, and capable of making others feel like part of a team.

Given the current fast-moving state of the media environment, flexibility and a willingness to pivot and adapt are key. Shell, says one exec who worked with him years ago, is not afraid to try things that might fail, describing him as a leader able to course-correct swiftly. 

Shell’s ascent to the top of Universal’s filmed entertainment group in 2013 was preceded by an extensive career in television, and he told Variety in a cover story interview four years ago that the movie business was “the hardest business [he’s] ever worked in.” Alongside current group chairman Donna Langley and NBCUNiversal vice chairman Ron Meyer, the three execs propelled Universal in 2015 to its best year in its 103-year existence.

In the confines of the C-suite, Shell is a straight-shooter, on a level that still surprises his longtime colleague Langley. 

“I marvel at just how brutally honest he is. … I’m always sort of walking on eggshells, and he’s taught me you can be blunt,” said Langley back then about Shell.

In terms of the specific flavor Shell will bring as a CEO, insiders said he is not the type to be caught lounging on David Geffen’s yacht Rising Sun or brokering acquisitions on the back nine of the Riviera Country Club in the Palisades. Shell is closer to the archetype of an American corporate honcho, buttoned up with less Hollywood pizazz, but has has distinguished himself through philanthropy.

On Shell’s mantle is a recognition of the Fulfillment Fund, which works to help Los Angeles students afford the opportunity to attend college. In 2016, he was presented with the group’s Tom Sherak Award and hailed for his commitment to improving educational opportunities for area students. Among his work with nonprofits, Shell has spent time serving as chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, now known as the U.S. Agency for Global Media, between 2013 and 2017.

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Five Finger Death Punch Forced to Scrap Concert Over Jason Hook’s Medical Emergency

Fans of the ‘Lift Me Up’ rockers have been alerted to the sudden cancellation of the Amsoil Arena gig in Duluth, Minnesota via social media just hours before showtime.

AceShowbiz -Rockers Five Finger Death Punch had to scrap a concert in Minnesota at late notice on Thursday, December 12 after guitarist Jason Hook suffered a “medical emergency.”

Fans due to attend the Amsoil Arena gig in Duluth were alerted to the change via social media just hours before showtime, but a representative for the band stopped short of offering up specific details about Hook’s condition.

The live date is expected to be rescheduled.

It’s not yet known if the remaining two Five Finger Death Punch tour dates for 2019 will be affected – the band is next due to perform in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday night, before wrapping up the trek in Des Moines, Iowa on Sunday.

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Live+3 Ratings for Week of Dec. 2: ‘The Good Doctor,’ ‘9-1-1’ Top Gainers

“The Good Doctor” on ABC and “9-1-1” on Fox were the two biggest gainers in the Live+3 TV ratings for the week of Dec. 2.

The pair benefited from the absence of NBC’s “This Is Us,” which to date has shown the largest gains across all scripted shows after three days of delayed viewing.

“Good Doctor” jumped 89% from a 0.9 rating to a 1.7, while “9-1-1” translated a 1.4 rating in Live+Same Day to a 2.1 in Live+3. The Fox drama finished in third place among all non-football shows for the week behind “The Masked Singer” and “60 Minutes.”

In terms of total viewership, the Freddie Highmore led series again saw the biggest gain, leaping up to just under 10 million viewers from 6 million. Meanwhile “9-1-1” was beaten into fourth place by “Blue Bloods” and “The Rookie.”

Read the full week’s rankings below.

Live+3 Adults 18-49

Live+3 Total Viewers

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How old is Michael van Gerwen, how many PDC World Darts Championship finals has he won?

DUTCH star Michael van Gerwen is one of darts greatest ever players.

And he's back at the Oche this month as he once again goes for glory at the PDC Darts World Championship in the iconic Ally Pally.

How old is Michael van Gerwen?

Despite a lengthy and hugely successful career, Michael van Gerwen is just 30 years old.

Born on April 25, 1989, he came onto the BDO circuit as a 16-year-old in 2005 before moving to PDC in 2007.

In 2014, he won his first PDC World Championship at the age of 24, becoming the youngest ever winner and leapfrogging Phil Taylor to become world number one.

How many PDC World Darts Championships has Michael van Gerwen won?

Michael van Gerwen is a three-time world champion, having followed up his 2014 triumph over Peter Wright with another against Gary Anderson in 2017.

And last year he saw off Michael Smith 7-3 to bag a third title.

Great rival Phil Taylor has suggested that Van Gerwen will never match his haul of 16 PDC World Championships, however the man from Boxtel in Holland certainly has time on his side.

Van Gerwen's PDC trophy haul also includes two World Matchplay titles, four World Grand Prix titles, three Grand Slams, four Premier Leagues, four European Championships, two UK Opens, four Players Championship finals and four Masters titles.

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It Might Actually Be Time To Worry That James Bond Dies in No Time To Die

The title of the 25th James Bond movie may be No Time To Die, but we’re wondering if James Bond is going to die in it anyway! This movie will be Daniel Craig’s last movie as 007 after playing the role since 2006’s Casino Royale. Normally, we wouldn’t even consider the possibility of Bond dying, but a few things about this movie are giving us pause.

The Craig era of Bond films, more than any other, has been a true movie “series” rather than just a franchise, with plot elements, character development, and characters carrying over between the five films. While no one actually thinks that the highly-lucrative Bond franchise will just stop after No Time To Die, the final fate of Craig’s version of Bond may depend somewhat on the franchise’s plans for the future. If the plan is to reboot in the near future with a new Bond, as is traditionally done, it really won’t matter much whether they kill him off or not, since we’ll just be shunted into a rebooted alternate version of the Bond world.

However, if the plan is to continue making films, at least for a little while, in this continuity, just without James Bond, then the likelihood of his death (or perhaps a very convincing faked death) goes up. After all, No Time To Die pulls Bond out of retirement because of a major threat, so any future movies with a surviving but retired Bond would have to go to great lengths to explain why they can’t just do that again. He’d need to be either actually dead or pretending to be dead for some significant reason. Since No Time To Die is introducing Lashana Lynch’s character Nomi as a new agent who reportedly takes on the “007” code after Bond’s retirement, it’s plausible that this could be the route they choose: 007 as the continuity, not Bond himself.

At this point, it does look like the concept of mortality will play into No Time To Die, given the eerie overtones of villain Safin’s dialogue in the trailer. In the end, though, the Bond franchise has always gone dark, but never dark enough to actually kill off any version of its leading man, even with the promise of reboots in the future. It seems likelier that Bond may have to fake his own death, but at this point, anything could happen, and we can’t wait to see how this era of Bond ultimately wraps up!

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Hugh Grant net worth: Love Actually star’s huge worth – how much does he have in the bank?

Hugh Grant is a Golden Globes, BAFTA, and an Honorary Cesar winning British Actor and Film Producer with an impressive list of films and television credentials associated to his name. With a successful career behind him it’s no surprise that he has amassed a huge fortune, but how much is the British actor worth? 


  • Dwayne Johnson: Former wrestler-turned-actor’s net worth revealed

The actor is best known for playing the floppy-haired bumbling Englishman in romantic comedies such as Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral, but in recent years he’s won over a new generation of younger fans after playing the villain in Paddington 2 and the suave Daniel Cleaver in Bridget Jones’s Diary. 

Hugh has been an international star since the late eighties, his first leading film role was in Merchant-Ivory’s Maurice (1987), where he shared the Volpi Cup for Best Actor with co-star James Wilby, at the Venice Film Festival.

However, it wasn’t until 1994 that Hugh shot to full stardom with Four Weddings and a Funeral – which was reported at the time to be the highest-earning British film, grossing over $244million (£185 million) – he won a Golden Globe and BAFTA for Best Actor for his role in the film and shorty became a highly in demand actor, so what is his net worth?

READ MORE: Gary Rhodes net worth: TV chef dead at 59 – incredible career and fortune revealed

Hugh Grant Net Worth

Hugh Grant is a brilliant actor that has amassed a huge £60million fortune, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Now at the age of 59, the British actor has taken a step back from acting and has developed a keen interest for property.

Previously he said: “I keep buying places then deciding they are not very nice and then buying other places. I now own about 17 houses in London, all of them horrible and badly decorated.”

His ever growing property portfolio was estimated by experts to be worth between £35million and £45million.

The Sunday Time’s Rich List, estimated the value of Hugh’s property portfolio at a more cautious figure of £30million.

How did Hugh Grant make his fortune?

According to Hugh Grant has earned salaries up to £10million for acting in certain films.

His most commercially successful project to date has been the 1999 comedy, Notting Hill, which brought in £275.5million at the box office world wide, according to IMDB records.

The Oxford-educated actor reportedly now commands more than £5million to star in a film.

Other profits that Hugh cashed in on between 1994 and 2005 came from Simian Films production, which he set up with former flame, Elizabeth Hurley.

The film company was responsible for several box office hits such as Extreme Measures and Mickey Blue Eyes, which surely added to his growing wealth, before he quit the venture.

Previously it was also reported that Hugh made a pretty penny after his keen eye for art ensured him an £8million profit when he sold an original Warhol piece for £10million.


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Fun facts about Hugh Grant

1. Love (to Dance) Actually

Hugh Grant’s famous dancing scene in Love Actually might not have ever happened if production didn’t push for the actor do it.

Hugh was famously reluctant about shots the dance scene as he felt that it would take away from the gravitas of his character who was, after all, the Prime Minister.

2. Art’ you glad?

Hugh was an-almost PhD student in art history, and his love of art paid off as he has a grand collections of rare pieces.

In 2001 he purchased an original Andy Warhol of Elizabeth Taylor for a little less than £2 million, however, later sold the painting in 2007 for £17.8million.

3. Doctor Who?

Like most British actors, Hugh was involved with the UK television show Doctor Who. He played the Doctor in Comic Relief: Doctor Who – Curse of the Fatal Death in 1999, and was actually asked to reprise a version of the role in the 2005 revival of the show.

However, Grant turned the role down—he didn’t think the series would be popular. Boy, was he wrong!

4. Harry Potter

Although many could not imagine Harry Potter in any different way, Hugh Grant was in fact meant to play Gilderoy Lockhart, however, due to scheduling difficulties and prior commitments the Britsh actor had to drop out of the franchise and the role went to Kenneth Branagh instead.

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Here’s How To Get Starbucks For Life Free Plays For A Shot At The Grand Prize

Winning Starbucks for life would be a dream come true, and now, you can score a chance to win it all without even having to make a purchase. Here’s how to get Starbucks For Life free plays to get in on the game without spending too much. With free chances to play, you can keep your wallet in check while increasing your chances of winning.

While the traditional way to play Starbucks For Life is to make purchases at Starbucks to earn game play entries, you can actually score up to two free plays a day. The official rules state you need to be 18 years or older and a resident of the United States to play. You also need to be a Starbucks Rewards member. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up for free here.

If you haven’t played the game yet, you’ll get your first entry free, and to play, you can open the Starbucks App or go to the game website. Tap the Snow Globe on the homepage for your first free play. You’ll get an Instant Win or a game piece. When you collect three game pieces toward a prize, you will win the respective prize, like Starbucks for life or Starbucks for one year. To enter without making any purchases at Starbucks, you’ll need to follow these steps:

You can do this twice a day, so technically, you don’t need to make any purchases at Starbucks if you don’t want to.

If you decide to make purchases for game play entries, you can go into Starbucks and make a qualifying purchase (basically everything is game, except for alcoholic beverages and gift cards and reloads) with your registered Starbucks Card. Once you come back to the Starbucks For Life website and sign in, you’ll find a free game play. Both purchase-based and free plays are limited to a maximum of two per day.

If you win a prize, you’ll receive directions in an email to validate it, along with further information about redemption. The game will give five lucky winners Starbucks for life, which is 30 years of one free food or beverage item daily, starting on or around March 2, 2020. There are plenty of other prizes up for grabs, too, like a Playstation Now prize pack, two free movie tickets, and other Instant Wins, and Extra Play entries. The Starbucks For Life game will end on Jan. 6, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. PT.

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Dyson Vacuums Are Up To 50 Percent Off On Amazon Right Now And I'm Freaking Out

There’s no place like home for the holidays. Well, as long as your home is clean, that is.

Whether you’re tidying up before hosting a festive fête or cleaning up scraps from all your online orders, there’s something about the holidays that probably makes you feel like you’re cleaning around the clock. So…you might as well purchase a great vacuum, right?

Right now, Amazon is offering a bunch of great deals on several Dyson vacuums.I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

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For many, Dyson needs no introduction. As the gold standard of vacuums, Dyson is known for creating products that solve all your cleaning pain points, big or small. Plus, the brand knows how to create vacuums you actually want to show off.So if you’re on the hunt for a new vacuum, you’re bound to finda great model on sale.

Looking for a traditional vacuum that’ll get the job done? Consider the Dyson Upright Ball option an old-fashioned vacuum with a modern twist. Want to clean your home without getting tangled in superfluous cords?Try Dyson’s Cordless Cyclone V10. Anyone who wants to clean hardwood floors and carpet in one fell swoop will certainly enjoy the Big Ball Multi-Floor cleaner.Or, if you simply want a lightweight, handheld option, Dyson’s V7 Trigger Vacuum is here to combat dust, dirt, and grime.

No matter which model you choose, one thing is for sure: A sale this good doesn’t come around often, so I’d recommend adding a vacuum to your cart, stat.

Shop more Amazon sales with slickdeals.

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Berbatov thinks ‘desperate’ Guardiola will struggle to win Champions League but Mourinho’s Tottenham have a shot – The Sun

DIMITAR BERBATOV reckons "desperate" Pep Guardiola will struggle to win the Champions League this season.

Manchester City ended their Champions League group stage campaign by beating Dinamo Zagreb 4-1 this week and are the current favourites to win the competition.

Manchester United legend Berbatov has given his thoughts to, saying: "Manchester City are the favourites to win the Champions League but they wouldn't be my bet to lift the trophy next May.

"City ended their Group stage campaign by beating Dinamo Zagreb 4-1 this week, but we shouldn't read too much into City's results so far, as they haven't played any opponents that are at their level.

"Pep Guardiola is desperate to win the Champions League with City but other teams are playing better football."

Defending champions Liverpool have had a good run so far in the Premier League, as they sit eight points clear of nearest challengers Leicester City.

The Reds have also won 15 of their last 16 games, and drawn the other.

The Bulgarian also added that Jose Mourinho's Spurs will be a danger in the competition.

Berbatov added: "Liverpool haven't been at their best in the Champions League this term but they're performing brilliantly in the Premier League and, as the holders, know how to pace themselves for the knockout rounds.

"Barcelona and Juventus are also strong contenders and you shouldn't write off Spurs.

"They have no reason to be fearful about who they get in Monday's knockout stage draw.

"In Jose Mourinho, Spurs have a coach who's won trophies throughout his career, including the Champions League with Porto and Inter – two teams that few people would have fancied.

"So it doesn't matter who Spurs face. They have great quality and after reaching the final last year, should feel confident."

Berbatov went on to praise Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the Red Devils for their recent win over rivals City, further highlighting the fact that the Premier League title is well and truly out of Guardiola's reach.

He added: "I was very happy after the Manchester derby because United fully deserved their victory over City.

"United's concentration levels and aggression in the tackle were fantastic and they played some superb combination football.

"It's great to see Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's youngsters playing with confidence from defence to attack.

"I can tell they like their manager and want to win for him.

"On Thursday, Mason Greenwood showed in the 4-0 win over AZ Alkmaar that he's a natural born goalscorer with a striker's instinct.

"Solskjaer should be praised for giving him the chance to shine.

"The two massive victories against City and Spurs should buy Solskjaer time to work in peace and concentrate on developing his team.

"Of course, as soon as United lose the press will be saying he's under pressure again so United mustn't let their performance level drop when they host Everton on Sunday."

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5pm Tottenham news LIVE: Kane and Son to face Wolves, Gazzaniga new contract talks, Muriqi a January transfer target – The Sun

TOTTENHAM failed to get revenge on Bayern Munich as they were beaten 3-1 in their final Group B clash in Germany.

Despite Ryan Sessegnon netting his first goal for the club, Mourinho's men were out-muscled by the Bundesliga champions – and the Special One remained unsatisfied with the young left-back's exploits.

Meanwhile, transfer news is in full swing, with Fenerbahce's Vedat Muriqi high on their wishlist to provide cover fro Harry Kane.

And Tottenham are set to open contract talks with Paulo Gazzaniga with the Argentine impressing since coming in for the injured Hugo Lloris.

Follow all the latest updates from the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium below…

  • JOSE MOURINHO has revealed Giovani Lo Celso is not yet at a level where he can expect to start matches.

    The Argentine midfielder joined Spurs on-loan in the summer with an option to buy, but has failed to hit the ground running.

    And Mourinho has been brutally honest in his assessment of Lo Celso, conceding that at present he has better options to choose from.

    He said: “Our squad is not a big squad in numbers, and he will start for sure because it's impossible to play all the time with the same players.

    “It looks obvious the way Dele is playing, Sonny. In this moment they are one step ahead.

    “I couldn't hide from you that we have a few players one step ahead because of performance. So you want to be objective and asks if he starts Sunday, no he doesn't.”

  • THE Premier League are losing the battle to prevent a behemoth new European Super League — being proposed by the Continent's top clubs.

    Latest plans set out a ten-match group stage in a 32-team league, in a blueprint laid out to the European Club Association.

    According to the Mail, the ECA have rejected the idea of four groups of eight teams and now want to go for one big league instead, with the top eight qualifying for a knock-out stage automatically.

    The next 16 teams would then have to jump into a play-off, with eight progressing to the next round.

    Premier League bosses would see a new European Super League as a massive threat to their £9billion cash cow.

  • JOSE MOURINHO is set to welcome back his big guns for this weekend's clash with Wolves after they were rested for the Champions League dead-rubber with Bayern Munich.

    Harry Kane and Son Heung-min are set to be welcomed back as Spurs look to pick up where they left off in their 5-0 thumping of Burnley last weekend.

    Here's how they could line-up…

  • TOTTENHAM landed a nightmare Champions League last-16 draw – paired with Paris Saint-Germain in our very own simulation.

    Ahead of the upcoming draw, SunSport held our own ceremony – and it's bad news all-round for Premier League sides.

    Spurs were paired with a Kylian Mbappe-inspired PSG, while Chelsea must battle past Barcelona.

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