LeeAnne Locken Apologizes After Racially Insensitive Remarks Air on 'RHOD'

LeeAnne Locken is finally speaking out after making racially insensitive comments about her Real Housewives of Dallas costar Kary Brittingham on several episodes of the Bravo series.

“I am deeply sorry to those that I have hurt or offended with some of my comments on Real Housewives of Dallas season 4,” Locken, 52, said in a statement shared on social media during the Wednesday, December 11, episode of RHOD. “It was never my intention to hurt anyone and I will use this as a learning experience to be more aware of my comments in the future. My commitment moving forward is to continue my work fighting for equality and acceptance of all humans.”

Locken first came under fire for remarks during a November episode.

“Come on, Mexican! I thought you were all Mexican and strong and powerful!” she yelled at Stephanie Hollman, who called the comments “disgusting” in a confessional, while discussing Brittingham.

During Wednesday’s episode, Locken referred to Brittingham as a “chirpy Mexican.”

“That f—king c—t wants to prove how f—king tough she is because she’s from Mexico,” she told costar Kameron Westcott.

In the promo for the next week’s episode of the series, producers ask all of the women whether they believe Locken is racist.

“I don’t think she’s racist, I think that she just says really dumb s–t,” Hollman, 39, said.

Brandi Redmond, for her part, felt “uncomfortable” answering the question.

“She’s not that ignorant, I mean, she has to be racist,” Brittingham declared.

“What you say is who you are,” D’Andra Simmons added.

While fans accused Westcott, 36, of not defending Brittingham during the episode, she pointed out that she is the one who confronts Locken during the December 18 episode.

“To everyone saying I was complicit and said nothing about the racial comments made in tonights episode … please go back and rewatch the preview for next week before blowing up my twitter???” she wrote on Wednesday evening. “Where I very clearly am the ONLY one that addresses it!! This is nuts! #RHOD.”

Andy Cohen, meanwhile, revealed that Locken’s remarks were discussed at length at the season 4 reunion, which taped earlier this month.

“On next week’s finale, LeeAnne is finally confronted for her vile, disgusting slurs against Mexicans,” Cohen said on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Wednesday.

In a sneak peak, Locken said, “I don’t care that you’re Mexican. I’ve slept with plenty of Mexicans, by the way. Hot f–king lovers, OK? I sat in Julio Iglesias’ lap.”

Cohen, 51, then noted that Iglesias is actually Spanish.

“I pointed that out at the reunion for the 90 minutes we talked about this and you will see all of it, unfortunately,” the producer said on WWHL.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Bravo Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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Baby is killed by her cat after it fell asleep on her face in Ukraine

Baby girl is killed by her cat: Mother finds nine-month-old daughter dead after pet went to sleep on the child’s face as she had a nap and suffocated her

  • Snezhana, 22, left baby Alexandra asleep in a pram outside while she did chores
  • Cat climbed into the pram and fell asleep on the nine-month-old girl’s face 
  • By the time Snezhana realised what had happened, the girl was not breathing 
  • Medics spent 40 minutes trying to revive the girl, but their efforts were in vain  

A nine-month-old baby girl has been killed by a cat after the pet fell asleep on her face and suffocated her, Ukrainian police have said.

Nine-month-old Alexandra had been left asleep in her pram in the back yard of 22-year-old mother Snezhana’s house while she did housework.

Snezhana, who lives in the Vinnytsia region of eastern Ukraine, around 125 miles from Kiev, came to check on the girl when she found a cat asleep on her face.

Mother Snezhana, 22, from eastern Ukraine, was doing housework when she put nine-month-old baby Alexandra outside in her pram

While Snezhana wasn’t looking, one of the family’s pet cats got into the pram and fell asleep on the girl’s face. By the time Snezhana realised what had happened, the girl wasn’t breathing

The cat jumped out of the pram and ran away, and Snezhana discovered that Alexandra wasn’t breathing. 

The mother called her local paramedic and an ambulance but they could not save the baby, who died of asphyxia.

Halyna Zakharchuk, the village paramedic, said: ‘There was a smell of milk, a warm place, the cat got inside the pram to warm up.

‘The baby was well dressed, her arms were out. When we came, the baby was still warm… We found the baby in the state of clinical death.

‘I ran there, the ambulance arrived quickly. We could not help… we were trying to resuscitate her for 30 to 40 minutes.’

Local policeman Pavlo Darmorgrai said: ‘The mother saw the cat lying on the baby…sleeping on her head. The baby was already dead.

The family owns two cats, though it is not clear which one was responsible for the girl’s death

Police said the cats were likely attracted to the pram because it was warm and smelled of milk, before deciding to fall asleep there

‘The body was sent to forensic experts, an autopsy was performed. The preliminary opinion of the expert is that it was asphyxia.

‘There are no more injuries on the baby’s body.’

The baby was Snezhana’s only child with her husband Alexander.

The family had two cats, shown by the Ukrainian TSN News channel.

It was not clear which cat caused the tragedy.

Police say the death was ‘accidental’.

‘We are not taking any measures against the mother,’ said Darmorgrai.

‘We understand it is a huge psychological problem in the family now.’

Medic Halyna Zakharchuk said she spent 40 minutes trying to revive Alexandra, but her efforts proved to be in vain

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