Harry Styles’ "Adore You" Music Video Is All About A Giant Pet Fish, Seriously

Ahead of the release of his second album, Fine Line, on Dec. 13, Harry Styles dropped his "Adore You" music video and it’s everything fans never knew they needed. The video, directed by Dave Meyers, who is the genius behind top-tier music videos like "Señorita," "Bad Guy," and "God Is A Woman," is so fascinating it deserves its own movie.

Styles definitely kicked it up a notch for his new era, as his "Adore You" music video is nothing fans have seen before. Previously, fans saw Styles take to the skies in "Sign of The Times," start a food fight in "Kiwi," and put his abs on full display in "Lights Up," but "Adore You" takes the music video experience to another level because of its unique storyline.

The first two minutes of the video started with clips of what fans already saw in the "Adore You" teaser. To give you a recap, in the teaser, a narrator tells the story of a mysterious boy who lives on the island of "Eroda" and is considered an outcast by the townspeople. He seemingly meets a fish who is just as much of an outcast as him, and then the teaser ends with the classic, "To be continued… " line. Now that the full video is out, fans finally know what happens after.

The rest of the music video shows Styles and the fish forming a special bond, as Styles takes him in as his pet and feeds him every day. As time goes, the fish gets so big that he has to return to the sea, which leads Styles to seek help from the townspeople to put the fish back. They succeed, and the video ends with Styles seemingly making friends with the townspeople, until his careless actions cause them all to go bald. Yeah, that happens. It’s not exactly the happy ending fans were hoping for, but it was entertaining for sure.

To tease the release of the MV, Styles tricked the whole internet into believing "Eroda" actually existed. Over the past few weeks, mysterious "Eroda" advertisements appeared on Twitter, which lead users to a website encouraging them to visit the island. The Twitterverse worked together to find out more information about the island, but after failing to find any evidence the island existed, they soon discovered "Eroda" was entirely fictional.

Since "Eroda" was "Adore" spelled backwards, Styles’ fans believed the ads were a creative marketing campaign for Adore You."

Yet again, Styles’ fans were right, and now they have this brilliant music video to watch again and again.

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Khloé Kardashian's Daughter True is Celebrating Christmas with the Most Glam Tree Possible

Khloé Kardashian's daughter True Thompson is celebrating Christmas in style. 

The tot is barely one year old, and she's already glamming it up for the holidays with her own hot pink Christmas tree. Complete with its own matching pink lights and fur base, it's a glam gift that True already looks smitten with in a snap Khloé shared to her personal Instagram account. 

"Merry Christmas everyone!! We starting decorating our house yesterday and @jeffleatham surprised True with this beautiful pink tree. It’s safe to say that True loves it!!! Thankful and blessed beyond words! " Khloé captioned the photo, which finds True staring up adoringly at the vision of pink. 

The tree was a gift from the Kardashians' florist Jeff Leatham, who's been seen several times on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It's certainly an eye-catching, thoughtful gift that will resonate with True for some time, given her immediate reaction in the photo. 

The Kardashians always go all-out when it comes to the holidays, and it looks like baby True is going to follow in her mom's footsteps, if this new addition to the family's arsenal of decorations is any indication. Khloé has yet to share additional photos of what she's planned for her own decor, but if it's anything like the family gets up to most seasons, it should be breathtaking. 

Moreover, what can we expect from the Kardashian Christmas card this year? Kim herself told E! News what might be in store. 

"I think this Christmas card will be just my family, like me Kanye and the kids because it's a lot to wrangle everybody," she divulged. 

We can't wait to see what's in store, especially if we see True looking this mesmerized again. 

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Khloé Kardashian’s Reported Reaction To Caitlyn Jenner Saying They Don’t Speak Is Surprising

Khloé Kardashian is focusing on the positive in her life nowadays. The Revenge Body host has kept quiet since Caitlyn Jenner made some not-so-pleasant comments about their alleged falling out, but that doesn’t mean Jenner’s words didn’t affect Kardashian. Khloé Kardashian’s reaction to Caitlyn Jenner saying they don’t speak is a total bummer, according to reports.

In case you missed it, Jenner and Kardashian have had a rocky relationship over the past few years. Yet, in recent months, fans of the famous family were convinced things had gotten better between them. That is until the Nov. 28 episode of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, in which Jenner spilled some tea about her non-existent bond with Kardashian. According to Jenner, it all began in 2015 when she came out to her family and spoke to them individually about her transition.

"The only one that was really, and still, even to today can’t quite figure it out was Khloé," Jenner said. "Khloé, for some reason, was pissed off about something through this whole process."

Jenner then added that it’s "been five or six years" since she has really talked to Kardashian. "I don’t know," Jenner said of the situation with her former step-daughter. "We were really close. I raised her since she was five years old. I really don’t know what her issues are. I really don’t know."

Nearly a week after Jenner’s claims were broadcast on the reality show, TMZ reports Kardashian was "completely blindsided" and "genuinely confused" by Jenner’s words. As for Kardashian’s side of the story, sources tell TMZ she "rejects the notion they’re still beefing." Kardashian’s team did not respond to Elite Daily’s request for confirmation.

The source says Kardashian "was completely supportive of Caitlyn’s transition at the time" and only became frustrated with Jenner after the former Olympian took aim at Kris Jenner in her memoir, The Secrets of My Life.

Fans of the KarJenner clan noticed that one sister was missing from Jenner’s 70th birthday dinner in October 2019: Khloé Kardashian.

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Caitlyn and her girls👯‍♀️

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But it seemed Koko had a good reason for missing out on the celebration. "I’ve been shooting a commercial all day but I just found out that the US House of Representatives has officially recognized #ArmenianGenocide !!!!!! This is so huge for Armenians," she tweeted the night of the party.

Kardashian reportedly didn’t let Jenner’s birthday pass by without sending a gift, either. According to TMZ, Kardashian sent a bouquet of roses to Jenner (but Jenner’s team did not respond to Elite Daily’s request for confirmation).

Fans may never know exactly what goes on behind closed doors, but there is good chance Kardashian’s reaction to Jenner’s claims will, at some point, play out on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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This stupid Peloton commercial went viral for all the wrong reasons

I’m on the treadmill a lot at my gym, and I spend a lot of my treadmill time just kind of blanked-out watching ESPN and CNN. For about two weeks, this Peloton commercial has been on heavy rotation on both channels. This is nothing new – the $2000 stationary bike was the big new bougie thing last year, and I remember there were tons of commercials trying to convince people to buy a Peloton for their spouse or something. Peloton did a new commercial for this year’s holiday season and I guess people just started paying attention to how f–ked up it is that a husband gives his slender wife a Peloton for Christmas and then she dutifully records all of her workout sessions for him to watch:

Yeah, it’s a bad commercial. To be fair, all of the Peloton commercials are bad, it’s just that this one has caused people to sit up and yell “your wife doesn’t need a fancy bike, she’s already in shape, g–ddamn it.” It’s just insulting. And now people are asking themselves what they would do if their spouse dropped two Gs on a damn bike. Divorce? Perhaps. It definitely feels passive-aggressive if the message is “SURPRISE your wife with a Peloton.” If your wife (or husband) specifically asked for a Peloton for Christmas, go buck wild. Do it. That’s nice. But if you’re surprising your spouse with a $2K stationary bike, just… don’t. Open up an investment account with that money in your spouse’s name. Jewelry is nice too.

— Jess Dweck (@TheDweck) December 2, 2019

— Eva Victor (@evaandheriud) December 2, 2019

— Bess Kalb (@bessbell) December 2, 2019

— BUM CHILLUPS (@edsbs) December 2, 2019

Screencaps from the Peloton commercial.

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Alanis Morissette is going on tour with Liz Phair and Garbage

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The Jagged Little Pill musical premiered last year at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge Massachusetts. It’s coming to Broadway this week to start a run that will coincide with the album’s 25th anniversary next year. Alanis has planned another way to celebrate the milestone: a 31-date tour with Liz Phair and Garbage! The Hollywood Reporter has more:

The tour is slated to kick off June 2 with a show in Portland, Oregon, at the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater and hit Seattle; Salt Lake City; Los Angeles; Dallas; Charlotte, North Carolina; Toronto; and Cincinnati, before concluding July 25 at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

To celebrate the announcement of the tour, Morissette released a new single, “Reasons I Drink,” which will be featured on her upcoming album, Such Pretty Forks in the Road, due out May 1.

Presale tickets for the tour will be available starting Dec. 10 at 11 a.m. local time, with tickets on sale to the general public beginning Dec. 13 at 11 a.m. local time at LiveNation.com. VIP packages will be available starting with the presale.

[From The Hollywood Reporter]

If you purchase a ticket you will be able to download “Reasons I Drink,” and then will get a digital copy of Such Pretty Forks in the Road on May 1. Alanis is going to debut the album’s lead single on The Tonight Show on Wednesday and is being awarded the 2019 Billboard Women In Music Icon Award next week.

I still remember watching the video for “You Oughta Know” on VH1 back when most of its schedule was devoted to playing music videos. I was in high school and had never seen that level of raw emotion performed in a public space before. It seems like such a clichéd thing to say now, but at the time, I was in awe. I’m on a strict budget at the moment, but I’d love to get to one of these shows! This is a fantastic lineup. Admittedly, I didn’t own any Liz Phair or Garbage albums, but they were in heavy rotation in many of my friends’ cars and on the radio. The ’90s are having a resurgence of sorts and I’m OK with this.

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Romeo Santos on redefining bachata, growth of Spanish-language music in US

On a warm Saturday night in September, 60,000 fans packed into the sold-out MetLife Stadium in New Jersey to see Romeo Santos, the first Latinx artist to ever headline there.

As part of Santos’ “Utopia” tour promoting his new album, the concert was the highest-grossing in the stadium’s history, knocking U2 out of the top spot.

“For artists, this is a really big deal,” rapper and actor Cardi B, who made a surprise appearance at Santos’ show, told ABC News. “And you know what? It just gives me hope. I just feel like sometimes people…[try] to make it seem like there’s going to be a stop in your career, and [Santos] has been popping since not even my double-digit age. So it just gives me hope and it feels good.”

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Santos’ sold-out show, however, is only one in a long list of records he’s broken over the course of his two-decade-plus career. In that time, the Bronx, New York native has sold more than 100 million singles and 40 million albums. In 2018, he was among the highest-paid musicians, making more money than Sam Smith, Keith Urban and even fellow Latinx artist Jennifer Lopez.

As English-Spanish collaborations have become more ingrained in mainstream pop music, Santos has stood out as a trailblazer among these crossover successes, working with stars like Usher (“Promise”) and Drake (“Odio”) years ago.

“When I started doing music, it was a lot worse,” Santos told ABC News. “They would under no circumstances program a Latin record. They would tell us Latinos, ‘Yeah, if you’re going to collaborate with this artist, I get it. You know, like it’s a Latin fusion…but you need to do an American version.'”

“That’s not the case now,” he added.

Santos has spent much of his career defining it on his own terms. The self-proclaimed “King of Bachata” said from “day one” he knew that he’d be singing mainly in Spanish and that it would be of the deeply romantic, nostalgic bachata — a genre with roots in the Dominican Republic that’s also tremendously popular among Dominican communities worldwide, such as in New York City.

Santos began his musical journey in the late 1990s with his cousin Henry Santos and friends Lenny and Max Santos. Together, they formed the bachata supergroup Aventura, which revolutionized and modernized the genre with influences of R&B, rap and hip-hop.

“The Dominican community in New York really embraced bachata always,” Jon Caramanica, a pop music critic at The New York Times who also hosts its “Popcast” podcast, told ABC News. “When Aventura came out, it sounded like nothing else…and basically, fundamentally altered the course of what bachata sounded like. But also, what American pop music, broadly construed, could embrace.”

The band broke through with 2002’s “Obsesion” and went on to release five albums, all of which dominated the Latin charts.

“There’s just a swag that we have when we’re together,” Santos said. “I don’t want to sound corny or anything, but it’s like we’re the Power Rangers together.”

Since he broke out as a solo artist in the early 2010s, Santos has made music in a time when Latinx music is more popular than ever. With artists like Bad Bunny, J Balvin and Ozuna bridging the musical cultural divide, Spotify says its “Viva Latino” playlist is growing five times faster than any other playlist on its Top 1,000 list.

As a solo artist, Santos has performed in multiple sold-out shows, including at Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium — joining the ranks of Madonna and Paul McCartney.

Santos said he’s “lucky to have so many fans that love me and support me” after nearly 23 years of making music. And for his show at MetLife Stadium, he had a number of surprises. Not only did he reunite Aventura but he also brought out bachata legends, like Raulín Rodríguez, Monchy & Alexandra and Frank Reyes — all of whom are also featured on his new album — to play their own songs.

“This was one of my only concerts so far that I was also enjoying the performances because I’m just chilling and…listening to these legends,” Santos said. “You know, these icons that inspired me. So it was beautiful and I felt that.”

Caramanica pointed out the significance of Santos’ sold-out show in one of the largest stadiums in the country.

“It should tell you that this is not a flash in the pan. [That this is not] cheesy, low-brow music,” he said. “This should tell you that this is music that has power, [a] devoted fan base, and isn’t going anywhere.”

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