Alaska Airlines Will Give Priority Boarding to Anyone Wearing a Holiday Sweater

Want to board your holiday flight early this year? Break out a festive sweater!

On Tuesday, Alaska Airlines announced that they would offer priority boarding to any passengers wearing a holiday sweater, meaning anyone sporting festive gear can get on their flight early. The only catch? The offer is only available on one day — National Ugly Sweater Day, on Dec. 20.

The one-day promotion is valid on any Alaska or Horizon Air flights on Dec. 20. Flyers are encouraged to post photos and videos of their holiday sweaters on social media by using the hashtags #iFlyAlaska and #UglySweaterDay.

“We know holiday travel can be stressful for some, which is why we’ve made sure flying with the ‘merrier carrier’ this time of year is an experience that brings nonstop joy to all our guests,” Natalie Bowman, Alaska Airlines’ managing director of marketing and advertising said in a press release. “We love going above and beyond to make your trip memorable; celebrating Ugly Sweater Day is just another way we’re making the holidays a priority.”

The holiday sweater promotion is just one of the ways Alaska Air is celebrating the festive season this year.

The airline is also getting into the spirit with a holiday-themed plane called the “Snowplane,” which will fly throughout the winter. Their flights will also feature festive decor and boarding music, as well as free holiday movies for flyers. (The airline also sells its own themed holiday sweaters and other merch.)

The Alaska Lounge also offers wintery beverages like snowflake sprinkled lattes and peppermint mochas, and will have a special hot toddy cocktail available on National Ugly Sweater Day.

This isn’t the first time the airline has offered perks to its patrons who show some holiday cheer. In early November, Alaska offered priority boarding to any passenger holding a red holiday cup from Starbucks, a fellow Seattle-based brand.

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Banksy Makes Poignant Statement About Homelessness With New Reindeer Street Art

Street artist Banksy is highlighting the issue of homelessness with his new holiday-themed artwork in Birmingham, central England.

Two reindeer painted on a brick wall outside appear to carry off a real-life man sleeping on a bench in a video the anonymous artist shared on Instagram.

Check out the clip here:

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A post shared by Banksy (@banksy) on

“God bless Birmingham,” Banksy captioned the post. “In the 20 minutes we filmed Ryan on this bench passers-by gave him a hot drink, two chocolate bars and a lighter – without him ever asking for anything.”

The piece was installed on Vyse Street early Friday by “a couple of lads in high-vis vests” who placed a tent around the bench, according to local jeweler Martin Clarke.

“I thought they were from the council and were just doing a bit of upkeep,” he told The Guardian.

“About half six I looked out the window and the tent had gone as had the lads. Then I saw it,” Clarke said. “I thought it was great. We weren’t sure what it was at first or who did it but we had a good idea.”

Banksy confirmed via his website that he was behind the art installation on Monday, prompting crowds of fans to visit and take photographs.

Barriers were later put up to protect the mural. But at one point, someone “jumped” them and painted the reindeers’ noses red, the BBC reported.

Protective plastic was later placed over the mural, according to the Birmingham Live news website.

Some Twitter users suggested the unveiling of the piece was timed to highlight homelessness rates in the United Kingdom just days before the country holds a general election.

Shelter, a U.K. housing charity, released a report last week that found 135,000 children in Britain are homeless or living in temporary accommodations, the highest number in 12 years.

Before the 2017 general election, Banksy had urged people to vote against the incumbent Conservatives in exchange for a free print.

He later scrapped the stunt after police investigated a possible breach of the Representation of People Act, which prohibits voters from accepting or agreeing “to accept a gift or similar in return for voting or refraining from voting.”

The new mural also comes a week after Banksy’s former associate, Steve Lazarides, released his new book, “Banksy Captured,” chronicling his 11 years working with the artist as his photographer, driver and agent until 2008.


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Donald Trump and Brexit on top 20 Christmas cracker jokes of the festive season

Have you heard the one about the Christmas cracker jokes that are genuinely funny?

It seems the crazy events of 2019 have been good for one thing – topical gags for the dinner table.

Love Island, Brexit , Coleen Rooney and schoolgirl eco-warrior Greta Thunberg are some of the subjects of 2019’s top cracker jokes.

There are others about Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron.

But the favourite in TV channel Gold’s contest was Berkshire teacher Matt King’s gag about Donald Trump .

Here are the top 20 and, in the spirit of Christmas, a few favourite repeats…

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  • Inside This Morning's boozy Christmas lunch as Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield lead the party

1. Why does Donald Trump have his Christmas dinner on a plastic plate? He doesn’t get on with China.

2. Why is Parliament like ancient Bethlehem? It takes a miracle to find three wise men there.

3. Christmas dinner is a lot like Brexit. Half the family were told they needed to make room for Turkey, so opted to leave Brussels.

4. Why has Santa been banned from sooty chimneys? Carbon footprints.

5. What is Coleen Rooney’s favourite game to play over the festive period? Guess Who?

6. Why doesn’t Jeremy Corbyn ever visit Santa? Because he struggles in the poles.

7. Why is Greta Thunberg boycotting parsnips and carrots at Christmas? Because she’s a swede-dish campaigner.

8. What’s the difference between Rudolph’s nose and David Cameron’s autobiography? Only one will be red at Christmas.

9. What do you call a snowman who goes on Love Island? A melt.

10. What is Olivia Colman’s favourite part of a turkey? The Crown.

  • TV fans call for the BBC to be scrapped amid growing Christmas schedule backlash

11. What do The Sound of Music at Christmas and Nigel Farage have in common? Only a small cult following want to see it, but it just keeps coming back, repeating itself.

12. What is a Brexiteer’s fave film? The Nightmare Before Christmas.

13. Why couldn’t Rebekah Vardy join Coleen Rooney’s social media Nativity? Because there was no room at the Innstagram.

14. How does Santa import toys into Ireland? Through the Irish Sack-stop.

15. How can you tell if you are at a Brexit party this Christmas? Because everyone wants to leave.

16. Why have Brussels sprouts been banned from London this Christmas? There’s a new ultra-low emissions zone.

17. How can you make sure the right person comes down your chimney this Christmas? Get Coleen Rooney to block everyone else apart from Santa.

18. What do vegetarian EU supporters want for Christmas? Lettuce romaine.

19. What movie do the Three Wise Men watch on Christmas Day? A Star is Born.

20. Why should you never stay for Christmas with Remainers? They get angry when you want to leave.

1. What does Santa do with fat helpers? He sends them to an elf farm.

2. Who delivers presents to baby sharks at Christmas? Santa Jaws.

3. Why did no one bid for Rudolph and Blitzen on eBay? Because they were two deer.

4. What does the Queen call her Christmas Broadcast? The One Show.

5. What do you get if you cross Donald Trump with a Christmas Carol? O Comb Over Ye Faithful.

6. My gran knitted me a really embarrassing jumper for Christmas this year. It’s got fifty shades of grey.

7. How does Darth Vader like his Christmas turkey? On the dark side.

8. Why did Santa pour Lemsip into the chimney? He was coming down with the flue.

9. Why is The Great British Bake Off like the nativity? Because the Star is in the Yeast.

10. What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations? Tinsillitis.

11. What does Miley Cyrus have for her Christmas dinner? Twerky.

12. What do you give a dog for Christmas? A mobile bone.

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How to save money over the Christmas period with these simple tips

Christmas can be a very expensive time of the year. Whether the money goes towards food, drink and presents, it's always going to be a pricy season.

It can be difficult organising a budget too, especially when you have fifty people to buy Christmas presents for this year.

Well, what if we told you there are ways to save money during the festive period? The experts at have shared some handy tips to get you through.

So how can someone budget around this time of the year?

You don't have to be scraping all of your wages into a saving pot, start with little steps. From cancelling direct debits you don't need anymore to buying things from different stores.

  • Sainsbury’s Nectar cardholders have hundreds of points stolen before Christmas

  • Martin Lewis shares 'best' tip on saving money on energy bills this winter

Buy things in bulk:

Buying things in bigger quantities usually mean that they end up cheaper, but ensure to only do this in the instance where you will use the products before their best before date.

Try another store:

It might not be the most loyal thing you can do to your favourite store, but sometimes in order to save money shopping around might be the best option for you.

Whether one shop is selling the same items cheaper, or you can get your hands on a discount code or fantastic offer, then do it and don't feel bad after.

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Shopping secrets

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  • How to save money on Xmas presents
  • Mum sells breastmilk soap
  • Schuh has a hidden website

Check your bank statements:

Study your bank statements and see what comes up often that doesn't need to.

Trips out for lunch, takeaway coffee and regular nights out are just a few that probably creep up on all of our bank statements.

It might not seem much at the time, but those regular spends quickly add up.

If you like a coffee on the go, make it at home and put into a travel mug, if you like a sandwich at lunch, prepare it at home instead of buying a meal deal, and so on.

  • Martin Lewis explains how to get £175 free cash from HSBC if you act by Monday

Cancel any direct debits you are no longer using:

That £60 a month gym membership you haven't used in six months, why not cancel it? If you haven't been to the gym in three months, that's a total of £180 down the drain that you could have put elsewhere.

It's the same for magazines subscriptions, bills you might not realise you're still paying for and not forgetting hidden charges in small prints.

Have a small change pot:

If you still pay by cash sometimes, why don't you keep a small change pot? By keeping one, it means any small change you have left over can accumulate into some serious money.

Nonetheless, if you own a Monzo card you can set up pots which lets you carry over change every time you've made a transaction, so don't worry about not having any change.

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Two gigantic 'Christmas asteroids' are heading for Earth, Nasa reveals

Christmas is a time for giving, sharing and stuffing your face like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s definitely not the time to be earnestly considering our planet’s chilling vulnerability to doomsday space rocks.

Sadly, we’re afraid two gigantic ‘Christmas asteroids’ are heading our way to remind us that it’s more or less inevitable that humanity will have to deal with a devastating impact one day.

On December 20, we’re due for a close encounter with a beast called 216258 2006 WH1.

This behemoth is believed to up to 600 metres wide – big enough to wipe out a city.

It will come with 3.7 million miles of our planet, which sounds like a huge distance but is tiny in cosmic terms.

The second is called 310442 (2000 CH59) and is a similar size. It will also zoom past Earth at a comparable distance.

Both rocks will hurtle past and leave us all to enjoy our Xmas turkey, rather than smashing into Earth, killing millions and forcing many more into a brutal fight for survival in a post-cataclysm hell world.

Which is the best prezzie anyone can hope for.

A scary new study recently revealed that asteroids big enough to wipe out millions of people hit Earth much more frequently than previously believed.

Scientists analysed Wolfe Creek Crater, which is believed to be the second-largest impact crater on Earth, and found that the cosmic collision took place more recently than expected.

But before we go on to tell you about how nervous you should be, it’s worth a quick reminder of the different types of space objects.

An asteroid is made of rock or metal, while a comet is made of ice and gas.

They become meteors when they hit our planet and the objects which fall to Earth without burning up are called meteorites.

Wolfe Creek Crater was formed when a 15 metre-wide meteorite weighing around 14,000 tonnes smashed into the ground at a speed of 17 kilometres a second, the researchers said.

It exploded with the force of 0.54 megatons of TNT – which is roughly equivalent to 36 of the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima during World War II.

Research by an international team led by Professor Tim Barrows from the University of Wollongong has found that the object probably hit us 120,000 years ago – much more recently than the previous estimate of 300,000 years.

This finding prompted Barrows to increase the estimate of how often we are hit by similar-sized objects.

He claimed a similar impact could occur roughly once every two centuries.

‘Although the rate is only one large meteor hitting Australia every 17,000 years, it isn’t that simple,’ he said.

“The craters are only found in the arid parts of Australia. Elsewhere, craters are destroyed by geomorphic activity like river migration or slope processes in the mountains.

‘Since Australia has an excellent preservation record with dated craters within the arid zone, we can extrapolate a rate for the whole Earth.

‘Taking into account that arid Australia is only about one per cent of the surface, the rate increases to one every 180 years or so.

‘This is a minimum estimate because some smaller impacts were probably covered by sand during the ice age. The number of large objects is probably 20 times this number because stony meteorites are far more common but not as many survive the fiery journey through the atmosphere or effectively make craters.

‘Our results give us a better idea of how frequent these events are.’

Professor Barrows and his colleagues used two techniques to date the crater: exposure dating (which estimates the length of time rock on Earth’s surface has been exposed to cosmic radiation) and optically stimulated luminescence (which measures how long ago the sediment was last exposed to sunlight).

They also created a new 3D model of the crater using aerial photographs and used this to calculate the crater’s dimensions.

‘We calculate that the maximum width of the crater is 946 metres in a NE-SW direction, reflecting the direction of the impact. The average diameter is 892 metres.

‘We predict a depth of 178 metres and that it is filled by about 120 metres of sediment, mostly sand blown in from the desert,’ Professor Barrows said.

If a city had been standing on the site when the meteorite hit, it would been utterly destroyed.

Unfortunately, it’s a matter of time before we’re hit by an asteroid and the European Space Agency recently found a space rock that could be on a collision course with Earth.

Cosmologists on the continent keep a list of all the most dangerous space rocks – and they have just added an object called 2019 SU3 to this dossier of doom.

The asteroid is 14 metres wide and has a one in 385 chance of ploughing into our planet on September 16, 2084.

However, the impact will only be powerful enough to cause deaths in a local area.

If the asteroid hits us, humanity will certainly live to fight another day.

ESA added 2019 SU3 to its ‘risk list’ 14 days ago. This database is ‘a catalogue of all objects for which a non-zero impact probability has been detected’.

It is expected to come within 73,435 miles of Earth, which is why it’s considered so dangerous.

At that narrow distance, it’s feared a slight gravitational nudge could send it careering into humanity’s homeworld.

A fireball that exploded in the sky over Japan could be linked to a huge asteroid that’s destined to smash into our planet, scientists also warned this week.

Astronomers have been trying to work out the origins of a tiny, ping-pong ball-sized object which went kaboom as it burned up in Earth’s atmosphere in 2017.

The tiny meteor posed absolutely no threat to humanity as it lit up the sky over Kyoto Airport.

But Japanese stargazers have claimed it actually broke off a monstrous space rock called 2003 YT1 that’s more than a mile wide.

This object is so huge that is has it’s own moon. For comparison’s sake, it’s believed the asteroid which killed the dinosaurs was between seven and 50 miles in diameter.

It has a 6% chance of hitting Earth at some point in the next 10 million years.

In a paper published on Arxiv, astronomers said their analysis has ‘identified a likely parent [of the Kyoto fireball], the binary near-Earth asteroid (164121) 2003 YT1.

If humanity was still around to witness a cataclysmic impact from this apocalypse asteroid, we could face extinction or, at the very least, endure death and carnage on a global scale.

The impact would cause a fireball which would wipe out everything within a radius of hundreds of miles, throwing so much dust into the air that crops would fail around the world and mass starvation would threaten our species’ future.

Writing about an impact from a similarly sized object in a post on Quora, mathematician and space expert Robert Walker wrote: ‘it would produce a crater 46 kilometres in diameter.

‘The firestorm including debris thrown up and landing and starting up new fires would extend to 600 km from the impact point.

‘There would be regional earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunami (if it hit the sea). Skies darker than the darkest cloud cover from the dust thrown up into the upper atmosphere, global temperature drops 8 degrees celsius for a week and moderate global effects for months. No summer that year.

‘Plant growth is disrupted for years and there are some global crop failures and some regional extinctions. We get hit by one of these roughly every half million years on average.’

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Ulrika Jonsson, 52, lingerie-clad dating ad ‘banned’ for being ‘too offensive’

Ulrika Jonsson has oozed sex appeal her entire life as a pin-up girl back in the day and now as the face of over-50's dating app Lumen.

But it appears the 52-year-old is still "too sexy" as the brand's Christmas advert has reportedly been "banned" after being called too "offensive" and having suggestive connotations.

In the sultry promo, the newly single Celebrity Big Brother star seductively straddles a chair as she leaves very little to the imagination in a sexy Santa-themed silk night gown with fluffy white detailing.

Donning some risqué black stockings, Ulrika proves she's still got it as she throws her hair back, winks and pouts in a teasing manner.

  • Ulrika Jonsson strips to lingerie and stockings as she talks joining over-50s dating app

  • TV star Ulrika Jonnson sparks I'm A Celeb rumors appearing on Loose Women

The Swedish sensation was promoting the cheeky tagline, "Be my stocking filler", for the Christmas-inspired advert.

According to the Evening Standard, TfL’s advertising agent Global, the Committee of Advertising Practise (CAP) rejected the promo.

The CAP told the publication: "We think that the image and the tagline 'Be my stocking filler' are likely to be considered problematic in out-of-home advertising as this could cause offence due to the sexual connotations, along with the potential of being seen to objectify women."

It certainly is a cracker of an ad, as Ulrika oozes sex appeal while covering up in a matching silk red robe.

  • Ulrika Jonsson suffers awkward gaffe as she insults Ruth Langsford on Loose Women

  • Ulrika Jonsson opens up about only having sex once in eight years on Loose Women

Wearing her blonde hair tousling all over the place, the beauty flaunted her ageless figure as the silk clung to her slender frame.

However, if the reports are true, this isn't the first time Lumen has pushed the boundaries and had an advert banned for its sexual displays.

Last year, the brand's Christmas campaign starring almost naked Paul Orchard was also banned.

Paul's ad featured the saucy tagline: "Pull a cracker this Christmas."

  • Ulrika Jonsson 'almost asked husband to let her have affair’ during dry spell

  • Ulrika Jonsson obtained licence to officiate sister’s wedding

Ulrika signed up to the dating platform and to be the face of the brand after she split from her third husband, Brian Monet, earlier this year.

The saucy minx describes herself as "fiercely independent, hard-working… nutter" on the app.

Responding to the claims, Lumen’s co-founder Charly Lester said: "It’s disappointing that, yet again, our Christmas ad has been banned.

"We hear time and again that the over fifties feel invisible and so it’s difficult to understand, considering that we’re constantly bombarded by highly sexualised images of people in their twenties and thirties.

"Why we can’t have a fun and sexy advert featuring a beautiful 52-year-old woman?"

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World’s ‘most expensive’ Christmas tree covered in £12m of jewels and emu eggs

A British artist's extravagant Christmas tree is believed to be the most expensive one in the world – at a staggering £12million.

The 19ft spruce sparkles with one-of-a-kind trinkets that were hand-crafted from upcycled jewellery, emu and ostrich eggs, and designer fabrics from some of the world's top fashion houses.

A Cartier-adorned glass bauble and nutcrackers encrusted with blue sapphires and diamonds are among the ornaments hanging from the tree's branches inside the five-star Kempinski Hotel Bahia in Marbella, Spain.

Celebrity artist Debbie Wingham spent a month making over 500 decorations by hand, using materials such as vintage Louis Vuitton leather, mink fur and expensive jewellery by Bvlgari, Cartier, Van Cleef, Arpels and Chanel.

  • Tear-jerking Christmas advert that gives John Lewis a run for its money – and cost just £100

  • EuroMillions: One UK ticket holder scoops the entire £40million jackpot

Gems hanging from the branches include a three-carat pink diamond worth around £2million, an oval red diamond priced at £4.2million and nine three-carat black diamonds worth a total of £450,000.

Real ostrich eggs were painted with gold leaf and diamond dust paint and the entire tree glitters with 3,000 Swarovski crystals.

Debbie claims her tree smashes the current record for the world's most expensive Christmas tree.

It is currently under 24/7 security at the hotel on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol.

The previous record was reported to be a $11.4million (then £7million) sparkler displayed at The Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi in 2010.

But within days the hotel said it regretted “attempts to overload the tradition” by glamming up the 42ft fake evergreen with gold, diamonds, rubies and gems.

After decorating the spruce tree for Marbella's Kempinski hotel, Debbie, 37, said: "Panic set in when I first saw the size of the tree they used a crane to get it in the building.

"When I hung the last ornament the feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming."

She enlisted the help of celebrity friends, including Alexander McQueen's nephew Gary James McQueen, who created a digital print that is featured.

Debbie added: "It was wonderful to get the support of fellow artisan friends on this project, every part of the tree had to be custom-made.

"I was over the moon when Gary James McQueen offered to create a print especially for the tree. It's wonderful to have supportive friends in high places."

Debbie, who is well-known for her high-value creations, estimates the tree's exact value to be £11.9million.

The artist has made a series of "world's most expensive" items for billionaires in Dubai and beyond.

She holds the record for the world's most expensive cake, at £50million.

She had previously held the record for the world's most expensive shoes, priced at £11.5million.

Earlier this year she appeared on the Wendy Williams daytime TV programme in the US to debut an upcycled purse worth £5million.

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You can book stays inside a real candy cane house – and yes, the decor is edible

A house made of candy canes, gingerbread, and confectionery sounds like something out of a fairytale – but a real-life version is opening in the UK.

One house is being given the ultimate sweet tooth makeover with heaps of sweets, chocolates, icing sugar and more treats adorning the walls, furniture and even the floors.

The best part? A whole host of the decor is edible, with guests able to tuck into the edible wreaths, festive decorations and even pine cones that adorn the enchanted forest-themed bedroom. is behind the Candy Cane house , which will open in London's Soho for overnight stays this festive season.

The house is currently being built but the travel firm has released artist's impressions to offer a glimpse at just what guests can enjoy – and there's plenty to keep even the sweetest tooth happy.

  • Hotel opens Elf-themed suite for Christmas and Buddy the Elf would be so proud

  • You can now get paid to visit UK Christmas markets and drink mulled wine

We're talking a candy-themed lounge with pastel furnishings, filled with candy canes and cupcakes (which guests can eat) as well as sweet-inspired decor and even edible sweet-filled baubles adorning the Christmas tree (the latter which won't be edible).

Follow the Christmas sugar cookies stepping stones to the Ginger-Breadroom (see what they did there), you'll find an enchanted forest-themed offering with chocolate pinecones to tuck into, as well as a tasty gingerbread bedside clock.

Foodies can also explore the Coco Kitchen, a giant caramel and chocolate-themed offering with a cheeseboard and heaps of retro pick and mix sweets. Honestly, it's the stuff of our childhood dreams.

If all of that sugar isn't enough, there's always the complimentary hamper to tuck into which offers a selection of confectionery favourites as well as a bottle of fizz.

Starting to think this may be the stay of your dreams?

An overnight stay at the Candy Cane House will cost £99 per night, and the property sleeps up to two people.

The house will be open for two-night stays – but there are only two bookings up for grabs.

The first stay will be on the 18th December, with bookings opening at 10am on Monday 9th December.

The second stay will be on the 19th December, with bookings opening at 10am on Friday 13th December.

You can book on the Candy Lane listing so make sure to bookmark the page and jump on those two mornings.

The house will also feature biogredable snow and eco-friendly glitter-based products – and any leftover household items will be donated to charity Barnado’s once the stays are complete.

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Burger King unveils 12 days of free food for Christmas and it includes Whoppers

Thanks to Burger King, Christmas has come a little early this year.

The fast food giant announced twelve days of free food which includes Whoppers, chicken nuggets, sundaes, hash browns and, of course, chicken fries.

It means your diet is out the window this festive season because Burger King will be unveiling a new deal every day for the next two weeks.

Some of the offers are completely free, while others might require you to fork a few pounds on an item in store.

And just remember, some are limited to a select time.

  • Celebrations advent calendar labelled 'cruel joke' by distraught chocolate fans

  • McDonald's fan finds sneaky way to order mayonnaise when it's not on the menu

Make sure you've downloaded and signed up to the Burger King app to get involved in these incredible giveaways.

You can even stay alerted about the offers if you push notifications so the burger joint will let you know when they go live.

Heading into the second week of December, food fans can get excited for favourites on the menu for just £1.99, like the Chicken Royale, Bacon Double Cheeseburger and the iconic flame-grilled Whopper.

  • Tesco is doing personalised Toblerone bars – and it’s perfect for Christmas

These exclusive deals run until December 13, drawing a close to a great run of discounted classics with an afternoon of free succulent Chicken Fries.

But luckily it doesn't finish there as Burger King has added a bonus morning dedicated to free Whoppers on December 20 for everyone to enjoy until 11am.

So make sure you head down to your local restaurant to redeem your freebies in store and get your Burger King fix before the deal expires.

Burger King will keep bringing customers the usual great offers to redeem on the app following 12 Days of Whopper.

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