Carrie Symonds is set for five more years in Downing Street

Boris Johnson’s first lady Carrie Symonds, 31, set to take centre stage: Prime minister’s girlfriend looks forward to five years in Number 10 after he dropped ‘engagement hint’

  • Carrie Symonds has kept a low profile since Boris Johnson entered Number 10
  • She could seek to expand her public role now that the PM has a five-year term
  • Ms Symonds is the first unmarried partner of a sitting PM to live in Downing St 

Boris Johnson’s victory at the general election means that his girlfriend Carrie Symonds can expect to spend the next five years in Downing Street, prompting questions about what kind of ‘first lady’ she will be. 

Ms Symonds, 31, has largely kept out of the public eye since Mr Johnson became prime minister in July. 

However, she made several appearances during the election campaign, often flanked by the couple’s dog Dilyn, after taking time off work. 

The former Tory staffer, who is the first unmarried partner of a sitting PM to live in Downing Street, can now plan ahead for a five-year term. 

Without the constraints of an election campaign, she could now seek to expand her public role – especially if she marries the PM, which Mr Johnson has hinted she could do.  

Five more years: Carrie Symonds and Boris Johnson – pictured visiting a Hindu temple in the last week of campaign – can now prepare for another term in Downing Street 

Ms Symonds, a keen conservationist, works at at environmental group Oceana but took six weeks off to help with the campaign. 

She was expected to return as the group’s communications chief after the election, which would limit her public appearances if she stays on. 

In August, she stayed at home in the UK while other high-profile spouses such as Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron joined their partners for a photo opportunity.  

In addition, when Mr Johnson took office, Downing Street announced that she would not have her own taxpayer-funded office to organise her public schedule. 

Samantha Cameron, Cherie Blair and Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah all had their own full-time No 10 staff. 

Mrs Blair employed Fiona Millar, partner of Tony Blair’s press secretary Alastair Campbell, to run her Downing Street office. 

However, Norma Major kept a low public profile and had no such staff, preferring to live at the couple’s country home. 

Similarly, Theresa May’s husband Philip largely kept out of the public eye and had no official Downing Street support. 

On the campaign trail: Ms Symonds made several appearances during the election campaign, often flanked by the couple’s dog Dilyn, after taking time off work

Joint visit: Boris Johnson took his shoes off for a visit to a Hindu temple in London with his girlfriend Carrie Symonds during the last week of the campaign 

Ms Symonds’ status is a delicate subject as the PM is still technically married to his estranged wife Marina Wheeler. 

It has been suggested in the past that Ms Symonds could not become a fully-fledged ‘first lady’ until the couple were married.  

Mr Johnson was coy when asked about the subject earlier this year, telling The Sun that marriage speculation was ‘a tiny bit premature’.  

Friends of Ms Symonds have affectionately dubbed her ‘FLOTUS’ – an acronym sometimes used for the First Lady of the United States.   

First Ladies such as Melania Trump and Michelle Obama have a far more extensive staff and public schedule.  

During the election, Ms Symonds was seen numerous times at Tory campaign events and phone banks.  

Ms Symonds rarely appeared alongside Mr Johnson, although they did visit a Hindu temple together last week with the 31-year-old wearing a sari. 

Helping out: Carrie Symonds at a Conservative call centre during Boris Johnson’s successful election campaign 

Support: Carrie Symonds and Stanley Johnson, the PM’s father, watch Boris Johnson deliver his speech during the Conservative conference earlier this year

She also sat next to Mr Johnson’s father Stanley and applauded the PM at the Tory party conference, which was overshadowed by claims about Mr Johnson’s private life. 

Their relationship also came under the spotlight during the Tory leadership campaign when police were called to their London home amid reports of a domestic row. 

Ms Symonds was reported to have told Mr Johnson to ‘get off me’ and ‘get out of my flat’ during the furious row. 

Scotland Yard said it was were alerted to the situation by a caller who ‘was concerned for the welfare of a female neighbour’, but officers found no cause for concern.  

Mr Johnson was then engulfed in a further row over a picture of the couple apparently sitting happily together. 

The photograph appeared to be taken from nearby bushes, but speculation grew that Mr Johnson’s campaign had put out the picture themselves. 

As a Tory aide, Ms Symonds co-ordinated Brexiteer Zac Goldsmith’s unexpected victory in the Remain-heavy seat of Richmond Park in the South-West London. 

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Reformation Is Having A Major Sale Right Now — Here’s What You Should Get

Attention fashion lovers: Reformation’s annual Winter Sale is happening today and it’s stacked with some of the best looks for 40% off. Happy holidays to you and your closet!

The LA-based brand (offering sizes XS-XL) is known for serving up some of the most on-trend runway-inspired looks. But some customers will find that while shopping there, items can cost up to $500. That’s why this sale of the year is one you’ll want to hop on quickly.

Even some of the most stylish celebrities are hooked on Reformation’s pieces, which are conveniently also on sale. The Maxwell Dress, which has been worn by Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, is up for grabs. Plus, Millie Bobby Brown has been spotted wearing the brand’s Kosta Dress (on two occasions) which is also on sale for 40% off.

The sale is only for today, but it’s applicable to items online and in-store. Rev up your engines because items on the site are sure to go quickly. Ready for a haul? Here are some of the best picks from Reformation’s Winter Sale.

Maxwell Dress

The popular sustainable brand brings you this chic blazer dress that Chopra-Jonas wore back in August. The deep-V neckline makes for an edgy feature (not to mention those shoulder pads tho!).

Caprice Top

Reformation is good at supplying easy statement pieces like this waistline wrap top. Flirty and versatile, you can wear this with anything from skirts to pants and jeans.

Kosta Dress

Millie Bobby Brown sported this cute satin animal print dress for an Instagram post. The color is named Pink Panther, which couldn’t be more appropriate with its very Scary Spice-inspired print. This dress will only set you back $130 in checkout.

Belle Flat

Though the Belle Flat is called a flat, it still has a slight baby heel to give you a little extra lift. Plus, it comes in red, too.

Lacey Dress

There’s no better way to get hyped for spring than with a midi dress. Sweetheart necklines are always on trend and this Lacey Dress has a modern twist with its standout slit. Get on it while you still can.

Mick Pant

The rigid fabric in these jeans gives off the impression of corduroy, which is very in right now. The throwback look offers a slightly flared leg to bring you back to the ’70s.

Noha Dress

Emily Ratajkowski was recently spotted in LA dressed in this cute Noha mini dress in another fun print (there are several).

Olive Jean

These high-waisted jeans are stylish, yet comfortable. Plus, they also come in this vintage light denim wash, too.

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Greta Thunberg Is the Youngest Person to Receive the Time's Person of the Year Award

When I was 16, I spent most of my time writing angrily in my diary, fantasizing about the bass player of Sum 41, and scowling at the cows who stared at me while I waited for the bus to take me to high school. Swedish teen Greta Thunberg, on the other hand, spent her 16th year making international headlines for her climate activism, reaching not just her peers but actually getting through to many adults, too. It makes sense, then, that Time would name Thunberg their youngest-ever person of the year.

What did you do this year? Thunberg sailed across the Atlantic ocean in a carbon-neutral vessel on her way to give a speech at the United Nations Climate Action Summit, started the largest climate change protest in history on September 20, and was even nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. I finally got around to Marie Kondo-ing my best friend’s closet. Looks like I could and should probably start looking to Thunberg for some inspiration.

Thunberg isn’t just fighting for the climate rights of the privileged. In fact, she’s used her racial privilege and her platform to speak out against policies that are killing indigenous people, like the climate activists in Brazil who are being murdered for protesting against illegal deforestation of the Amazon.

Similarly, when she had her turn to speak at the UN Climate Action Summit, she stayed mostly quiet, and instead turned the mic over to young indigenous activists, including Rose Whipple of the Santee Dakota, Chilean activist Angela Valenzuela, and Carlon Zackhras of the Marshall Islands, so they could say their part.

She was also invited to speak with 16-year-old activist Tokata Iron Eyes at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to talk about climate change and visited Standing Rock in North Dakota to speak with activists there about the Dakota Access Pipeline and other issues affecting their community.

She seems to recognize that even though she’s the one in the spotlight, it’s essential that she use her position to highlight the activism of indigenous people who have been fighting against climate change long before she started her campaign. Fighting climate change isn’t just about people in big cities having to use their air conditioners less – for many people in the world, it’s already a matter of life and death, something that often gets ignored in the US mass media. It’s admirable for a 16-year-old to have such a better grasp of the big picture of climate change activism than many of the adults who are involved.

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Alex Rodriguez is loving Yankees’ Gerrit Cole blockbuster

Alex Rodriguez thinks his former team hit a home run by winning the Gerrit Cole sweepstakes.

“A move they had to make,” A-Rod tweeted Wednesday morning, hours after it was revealed Cole was heading to the Yankees on a record-setting nine-year, $324 million contract. “Great job by Hal Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman getting it done. #Yanks”

Cole instantly becomes the Yankees’ bonafide ace and turns them into the World Series favorite, a seismic move that of course isn’t new to A-Rod. The Yankees re-signed Rodriguez to a 10-year, $275 million contract after the 2007 season. A-Rod helped lead the Yankees to the 2009 World Series, but the tail end of the contract was tainted by a PED suspension and a decline in play.

Cole, 29, has the new contract record for pitchers, as his deal will surpass Stephen Strasburg’s recently signed seven-year, $245 million deal with the Nationals.

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Aldi’s $1000 e-bike is great value

Our major cities would be far more pleasant to live and commute in if city planners and consumers embraced e-bikes. If you never had to worry about being taken out by an angry or distracted motorist, riding an e-bike would be the most pleasant way to commute.

I’ve tested many e-bikes over the last few years, some costing more than my car.

The Cell Ultimo E1.0 Urban with a roadster frame.

But I’ve always been more interested in the entry level models, those that an average commuter might be able to afford. For the last year, I’ve enjoyed riding a no-name model from eBay that I purchased for $900, but it immediately needed a few hundred dollars in brakes and servicing to make it roadworthy.

This Saturday, Aldi is offering a "Special Buy" e-bike for just $999; Cell's Ultimo E1.0 Urban. The company gave me the opportunity to ride it before the sale and, frustratingly, it is better than my current e-bike in almost every way.

The Urban is available in two Dutch frames: a traditional roadster design in matte black, and a step-through model with a few extra flourishes like rimmed wheels, tanned grips and saddle. The design of the frame forces you to sit upright more than a mountain or racing bike. It took a few rides to adjust but overall I felt a little safer in this position; I could see more of the traffic around me, and I was more visible to the traffic.

I was a little nervous the roadster would be too big for my tiny little legs; I’m 172cm tall, and worried I’d look like Kermit the Frog riding this thing. Thankfully the crossbar has a slant that makes it easy to step over, and while the saddle sits far back from the handlebars I was able to comfortably control the bike. But the long length of the Dutch design gives the bike a real sense of stability; you wouldn’t want to take it off road, but cruising through bike paths and city streets is incredibly comfortable. The built-in bike rack comes ready for shopping, or you could attach a pannier for more options.

The E1.0 Urban with a step-through frame.

Powering the bike is a massive 374Wh 36v battery. This battery can push a hefty 10.4Ah power to the bike. But ignore the numbers, just know the Ultimo Urban tackled hills far better than my current model. Also welcome is a battery that slides out of the frame very easily, allowing you to charge at your desk at work, and making the bike less attractive to thieves.

As with most entry level e-bikes, a brushless motor is built into the rear wheel. This gives the pedal assist a bit of a jolt when you first kick off, and is less pleasant to ride than bikes with central motors built into the frame. I’ve seen people complain about the kick of a rear wheel motor, but I’ve never thought it was unpleasant enough to pay the premium for a centre motor. And thanks to the long, solid frame, the jolt is smoothed out a little.

A Shimano seven speed shifter wraps around the handlebar, and it feels great sliding between gears, although there is the standard crunch if you switch gears at a standstill. To avoid this, I kept the bike in a middle gear when on busy roads, and instead adjusted the power of the pedal assist; turning it all the way up to push off from traffic lights, then turning down again to blend in with peak hour traffic. Only on long winding bike paths did I really adjust the gears.

On the other side is a tiny little onboard speedometer that also shows how much power is left in the battery. If you’d like more details of your route, there’s a built-in USB charger and accompanying smartphone app. The frame includes bright front and rear lights, powered by the main battery, to make riding a little safer at night.

Overall this is a fantastic cruiser, ideal for shorter commutes and quick trips to the shops. Aldi is selling it as a limited Special Buy this Saturday, but I hope — like its Expressi Coffee Makers — this becomes an all year product.

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Mehgan Markle's friend is told to stop using her image to sell jewelry

Buckingham Palace tells Meghan Markle’s Hollywood jewelry designer friend to stop using images of the Duchess of Sussex on her company’s website and Instagram to sell her $850 necklaces and $200 rings

  • California-based jewelry designer, Jennifer Meyer, has breached a non-disclosure agreement, according to a senior Buckingham Palace spokesperson
  • Images of Meghan Markle at her baby shower, royal engagements and tennis games had been used to promote Meyer’s brand 
  • ‘Jennifer Meyer has been told to remove the images and in no uncertain terms how damaging this could be for Meghan and the Royal Family,’ a source said 
  • On Monday, Meyer’s boutique Instagram still had images of the Duchess of Sussex in her designs and the website showed her in the Bezel Dangle Necklace

Meghan Markle’s Hollywood friend has been ordered to delete images posted online that use the royal’s image to promote her business.

Jennifer Meyer, a California-based jewelry designer has attracted customers by saying the Duchess of Sussex ‘can’t get enough’ of her pieces which include necklaces and rings.

However the 42-year-old has reportedly breached a non-disclosure agreement, according to a senior Buckingham Palace spokesperson.

‘Jennifer Meyer has been told to remove the images and in no uncertain terms how damaging this could be for Meghan and the Royal Family,’ a source told the Daily Mirror.

California-based jewelry designer, Jennifer Meyer, has reportedly breached a non-disclosure agreement, according to a senior Buckingham Palace spokesperson

‘Jennifer Meyer has been told to remove the images and in no uncertain terms how damaging this could be for Meghan and the Royal Family,’ a source said

Meyer’s boutique Instagram page still has images of the Duchess of Sussex wearing her designs however

Meyer’s business had posted links for potential customers to buy items online after seeing the 38-year-old royal wearing them.

Despite the reported request, several of the posts remained on Meyer’s Instagram for the boutique in Pacific Palisades neighborhood right next to celeb-filled Malibu.

One on from as recently as May shows LA-born Markle introducing baby Archie to the world. 

‘Happy Mother’s Day to The Duchess of Sussex! Meghan is wearing our 3 Turquoise Mini Bezel Dangle Necklace,’ the caption about the $750 piece reads.

Another of the former Suits actress wearing the same design during Christmas Day royal duties remains on social media in a December 26, 2018 post.

A post from February 21 this year shows the American royal at her baby shower festivities in New York.

‘Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and ‘mummy’ to-be, wearing our JM Mummy necklace as she leaves her baby shower in NY,’ the caption from the Palisades Village shopping center boutique reads.

A link to a press page in Markle’s name appeared to have been deleted Monday.

Snaps of Markle wearing the brand’s $395 bar studs at the US Open in September and wearing the $850 ‘mummy’ necklace in March had been deleted from Instagram. 

An image of Markle remains on the website, promoting the 3 Turquoise Mini Bezel Dangle Necklace

It’s accompanied by an Instagram post that shows Markle wearing the piece on Christmas Day

A post showing Markle at her New York baby shower in February was still on Instagram Monday

But Markle’s outings in the designs had received plenty of coverage.

She has been spotted wearing several necklaces Meyer this year.

Markle made headlines after she swapped glittering diamonds – including her $184,233 engagement ring – for simple as she carried out engagements in Cape Town and Johannesburg on a 10-day royal tour.

Many of the pieces carry hidden or symbolic meanings. 

The turquoise stone on the discreet $250 ring she wore in place of her engagement band, for example, is said to bring strength to the wearer, while a necklace and bracelet set she wore is designed to ward away evil.

The social media account had promoted the brand’s earrings using an image of Markle Wimbledon

On several days of the South Africa tour Meghan doubled the power of the stone by adding a pair of dainty diamond and turquoise earrings by Meyer

The handcrafted marquise ring features a marquise cut turquoise stone set in the middle of an 18-karat yellow gold band. Meghan wore the ring layered with her gold wedding ring.

Turquoise is a stone that carries several meanings, according to gemologists, and has been used in amulets and jewelry for thousands of years.

Among the meanings of turquoise are ‘strength’, ‘friendship’ and ‘protection’. It is also said to help alleviate stomach problems and cramp.

On several days of the tour Meghan doubled the power of the stone by adding a pair of dainty diamond and turquoise earrings by Meyer, who counts a string of A-listers among her close friends.

Known for delicate layering necklaces and personalized pieces, Meyer’s collection starts at $100 for a stud to $35,000 for a diamond necklace.

Several high profile celebrities — from Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon to Jennifer Aniston — are known to call designs by Meyer some of their favorites.

Several high profile celebrities — from Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon to Jennifer Aniston (pictured) — are known to call designs by Meyer some of their favorites

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British Airways is named airline of the year at aviation awards

British Airways is named airline of the year at prestigious aviation awards with Spirit scooping the prize for best low-cost carrier

  • Capa’s Aviation Awards for Excellence honour top airlines as well as airports
  • Airline winners included airBaltic, low-cost carrier Swoop and Lot Polish Airlines
  • Airport category winners included Vienna International and Seville Airport

British Airways was named airline of the year at one of the aviation industry’s most prestigious award ceremonies.

It scooped the title at Capa’s annual Aviation Awards for Excellence, which honour top airlines and airports and were handed out in Malta last week. 

Other winners included Spirit Airlines, which was named best low-cost carrier, while Istanbul’s Sabiha Gökçen Airport took the prize for best large airport.

British Airways was named airline of the year at Capa’s annual Aviation Awards for Excellence

Regarding BA’s accolade, judges noted how the carrier is ‘now in the midst of a major fleet renewal’.

They added: ‘This will see the arrival of new long-haul aircraft, introducing new and redesigned lounges, new dining across all cabins, new bedding and amenity kits, enhanced onboard WiFi and power access at every aircraft seat.’

Speaking at the event, Capa chairman emeritus Peter Harbison explained: ‘British Airways was famously the world’s favourite airline in the 1990s and it has taken some tough decisions to maintain its market position against increasing competition.

‘Under the leadership of CEO and Chairman Alex Cruz, British Airways has not been afraid to adopt new ticketing practices, service levels and is now among the frontrunners of distribution change and technology adoption – at the same time as achieving an industry-leading ROIC [return on invested capital]. It is certainly “100 not out” for one of the world’s most famous airline brands.’ 

Mr Cruz said: ‘On behalf of everyone at British Airways, we are truly honoured to accept this award. In this, our centenary year, we have much to celebrate from our past and much to look forward to for the future.

‘We pioneered the first commercial passenger flight as Air Transport and Travel Limited starting with just one route to Paris. Since then, we have lead from the front, introducing innovative products such as the first lie-flat seat, operating the first jet-engine aircraft across the Atlantic, and flying customers at twice the speed of sound on Concorde.

Spirit Airlines was named as low-cost airline of the year. It was praised for ‘pioneering the ultra-low-cost model in North America 

‘We’re now transforming British Airways so we are fit for the future. We are investing £6.5billion in new, more efficient aircraft, introducing new products, innovating with technology and we are committed to net zero emissions by 2050. British Airways has a proud history of taking Britain to the world and bringing the world to Britain, and that is set to continue for years to come.’

Judges said that US-based Spirit Airlines deserved its title of low-cost airline of the year because it ‘pioneered the ultra-low-cost model in North America, and more recently, turned its operations around and improved its customer relations’.

The award for regional airline of the year went to airBaltic for its ‘strong return to growth and profitability after emerging from a challenging restructuring period’.

The start-up airline of the year award went to Swoop, pictured, a Canadian ultra-low-cost carrier

Lot Polish Airlines won the award for airline turnaround of the year after its ‘return to profit since 2016, following an extended period of loss-making, while also resuming strong traffic growth’.

The start-up airline of the year award went to Swoop, a Canadian ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC). 

Judges were impressed with ‘its execution of creating a brand within a brand and introducing the ULCC model in Canada on a large scale, transporting roughly one million passengers during its first year of operations’.

Best large airport winner Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen scooped its award for ‘sustaining passenger traffic, following a decade of very high growth, in the face of the opening of a brand new, capacity-unconstrained airport across the city’.

Best large airport winner was Istanbul’s Sabiha Gökçen. It scooped its award for ‘sustaining passenger traffic, following a decade of very high growth’

Vienna International took home the gong for best medium airport with judges noting how it has sustained ‘consistently high rates of passenger growth in 2018 (10.8 per cent) and 2019 (19.5 per cent to Sep-2019)’.

The winner of best small airport of the year was Seville Airport ‘for sustaining consistent and strong passenger traffic growth since 2013’.

And this year’s airline executive of the year went to Ethiopian Airlines CEO, Tewolde GebreMariam.

He was praised for helping to ‘deliver sustained profitability for Ethiopian Airlines’ and judges also noted how under his stewardship, the carrier ‘has stood out from the crowd in Africa and is now attempting to build on the continent’s potential’. 


Airline of the Year – British Airways

Low Cost Airline of the Year – Spirit Airlines

Regional Airline of the Year – airBaltic

Airline Turnaround of the Year – Lot Polish Airlines

Start-Up Airline of the Year – Swoop 

Large Airport of the Year – Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport

Medium Airport of the Year – Vienna International Airport 

Small Airport of the Year – Seville Airport

Airline Exec of the Year -Tewolde GebreMariam, Ethiopian Airlines

Source: CAPA Global Aviation Awards for Excellence

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How is Bill Clinton linked to Jeffrey Epstein? – The Sun

BILL Clinton is widely regarded as one of the most famous US presidents in recent years.

Notorious paedophile Jeffrey Epstein died in prison after taking his own life earlier this year – but how did the pair know each other?

How is Bill Clinton Linked to Jeffrey Epstein?

Clinton has admitted he took a total of four trips on Epstein’s private plane: one to Europe, one to Asia, and two to Africa.

The former president has previously claimed he knew nothing about the crimes Epstein was charged with in New York.

Logs obtained by Fox News appear to show the former president took at least 26 trips aboard Epstein's Boeing 727 from 2001 to 2003.

The aircraft was grimly nicknamed the "Lolita Express".

It was also been claimed Epstein was Bill Clinton's closest "celebrity mate" and stayed with Hilary at his New Mexico ranch, according to an estate worker.

The Clinton's even took their daughter Chelsea to the Zorro Ranch "a whole bunch of times", ex contracter Jared Kellogg added.

But his office denied he had ever visited any of Epstein's residences except once in New York.

And Hilary Clinton recently burst into laughter as she was jokingly asked by TV star Trevor Noah “how did you kill Jeffrey Epstein?”

The Daily Show host teased the former Democratic presidential nominee about the conspiracy surrounding Epstein’s suicide in jail.

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Butlin’s is launching a stunning new live show featuring circus and dance acts next year – The Sun

BUTLIN'S is launching a stunning new live show just in time for February half term next year.

Electric Circus will feature a variety of circus, dance and gymnastics acts, all showcased with the help of lights and video screens.

In a teaser of the new live show, Butlin's has revealed that circus and gymnastics acts will be using LED lights as part of their performance, which will be in the dark.

Dancers will be wearing lightsuits that change colour, and the light will move with the dancers.

According to Tim Chown, the director and technical producer of the show, every minute of the dance performance takes 20 hours of programming time.

Butlin's has commissioned the exclusive live act for the 2020 season, with the performance included in the price of stays.

It will be available in all the resorts – Bognor Regis, Minehead and Skegness.

However, you can only see it on selected dates, so make sure you book in for the February, May and October half term, Easter, Christmas Fantasy weekends, Christmas and New Year breaks.

Prices of the breaks will vary depending on which resort you visit and the time of the year, but they start from £159 for the standard rooms, which sleeps up to four people.

Earlier this year, Butlin's launched a new £40million swimming pool at its Bognor Regis resort.

It featured the world's first Helter Skelter water slide, as well as Stick of Rock slides and the outdoors Seaside Garden rapids.

There's also a wave machine for those looking to test out their surfing skills.

And for younger children, there's a quieter spot where they can test out the water as well.

In 2017, Butlin's Skegness camp became a Grade II listed site as it's a piece of UK history.

First photos of a new £3.5billion theme park that rivals Disney has been revealed.

And Yorkshire is also getting a new theme park resort with 70 rides.

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Woman drugged and raped is called 's**t' by her attacker's girlfriend

Extraordinary scenes in court as woman who was drugged and raped while she was asleep is called ‘s**t’ by her attacker’s girlfriend

  • Man pleaded guilty to drugging and sexually assaulting of flatmate 
  • The man had moved into the woman’s unit two weeks before the 2016 attack 
  • Court heard he spiked the woman’s drink with the drug GHB then assaulted her 
  • He was sentenced on Monday to two years prison, suspended after six months 

A woman who was drugged and sexually assaulted by her flatmate was called a s**t in court by her attacker’s girlfriend on Monday. 

The woman’s flatmate had put the drug GHB, known as fantasy, in her drink when they had shared a bottle of wine and some vodka in August 2016. 

The woman became unconscious and woke up to the 34-year-old flatmate kissing her and her pants had been removed, the court heard according to The Gold Coast Bulletin. 

A woman who was drugged and sexually assaulted by her flatmate was called a s**t in court by her attacker’s girlfriend on Monday 

Toxicology tests showed there was GHB in her urine but she had never knowingly taken the drug 

Toxicology tests showed there was GHB in her urine but she had never knowingly taken the drug. 

The man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the victim, had moved into the unit just two weeks before the incident. 

The now 37-year-old appeared in Southport District Court on Monday and plead guilty to one count of administering a drug for the purpose of sexual assault and sexual assault. 

He was sentenced to two years prison, suspended after six months. 

At the conclusion of proceedings the man’s girlfriend walked passed the victim, who had been crying, and reportedly said s**t. 

She then followed that up by telling the woman: ‘I am going to get you, you dog’. 

The defence barrister for the man said he was fully clothed during the assault and had undergone counselling since the incident. 

He also said the man’s motivation was to make the woman more easily persuaded rather than to render her unconscious. 

When delivering the sentence, Judge Catherine Muir, however, said the attack was a serious breach of trust by the man who the woman had allowed to live in her unit. 

When delivering the sentence, Judge Catherine Muir, however, said the attack was a serious breach of trust by the man who the woman had allowed to live in her unit 


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