Who is Laura Pidcock and why was the Labour MP criticised on LBC?

LAURA Pidcock is the Labour Party candidate for North West Durham.

Here's what we know about the Shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights.

Who is Laura Pidcock?

Pidcock was born in North Shields, North Tyneside in August 1987 and raised in New Hartley and Seaton Delaval, Northumberland.
Her parents were both active in politics with her mum Mary being a social worker while her dad Bernard was an office manager who sat on Northumberland County Council from 2008 until he died in February 2019.
She studied politics at Manchester Metropolitan University, and was a mental health support worker before working at anti-racism charity Show Racism the Red Card.
Pidcock was a councillor for Cramlington Eastfield ward on Northumberland County Council, losing her seat to the Conservative Party candidate in the 2017 UK local elections.
That same year she was selected to stand for Labour in North West Durham, when the previous MP, Pat Glass stood down and was elected in the following election.
On 12 January 2018, she was appointed Shadow Minister for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

In 2019 Pidcock announced at the TUC that the next Labour Government would create a Ministry for Employment Rights to “bring about the biggest extension of rights for workers that our country has ever seen to deliver better wages, greater security and give workers more of a say over how their workplaces are run".

Why was the she criticised on LBC?

She was criticised for laughing at Nick Ferrari's line of questioning about their workers' policy on LBC.

Pidcock was on the radio to discuss Labour's plan to expand workers’ rights, reiterating their plan to ban zero-hours contracts and introduce a £10 minimum wage.

In announcing their Workers' Manifesto, Jeremy Corbyn called out what he called the UK’s five worst employers – Amazon, Uber, Asda, Sports Direct and outsourcing company ISS.

But when Ferrari put to her the possibility that forcing employers to pay almost 25% more could well lead to job losses, Pidcock laughed.

Ferrari pressed: "Why is it funny? People's jobs might be on the line. I don't see why that's funny."

To which the Labour candidate said: "Honestly, this is quite hilarious.

"I'm interested in why you are not pursuing the line of questioning about the minimum wage…"

People on Twitter were unimpressed and piled in with criticism.


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Labour's Laura Pidcock refuses FIVE times to answer whether NHS dossier came from Russia in furious row

LABOUR'S Laura Pidcock got into a row with Sky's Kay Burley this morning as she refused five times to say whether the party's leaked NHS dossier came from Russia.

The shadow secretary of state for employment rights got into a spat with the journalist today – days after Jeremy Corbyn claimed he'd found "evidence" that the NHS would be up for sale in a series of papers.

The Labour boss got his hands on a series of readouts from talks between the UK and US officials – but they were years old and barely mentioned the NHS.

Last night it was claimed the leaked papers were linked to Russia.

This morning Labour's Ms Pidcock refused to say where they had come from.

She was pressed by the Sky presenter: "Where did they come from?

"We need to know where they came from. We need to know the source.

"They are from Russia and you don't want to say, do you?"

But she refused several times to answer.

"These documents have been given to the party," she argued.

"I am not privy to that information. I am deeply concerned by the content.

"They are government documents.

"These are from the Government – no one has denied that, have they?"

After repeated questioning Ms Pidcock declared that the situation was "ridiculous".

Analysts say the papers, waved by Mr Corbyn at an election rally, bore the hallmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign called Secondary Infektion.

Ben Nimmo, head of investigations at media analytics outfit Graphika, said: “It’s on the same set of websites, it’s using the same types of accounts and making the same language errors. It’s either the Russian operation or someone trying hard to look like it.”

The original Reddit posting was uploaded on October 21 but was little known until Mr Corbyn unveiled it at a highly trailed campaign event on Wednesday.

A Labour spokesman said: “These documents reveal the plot against our NHS. And, of course, neither the UK nor the US government have denied their authenticity.

“Given what they reveal, it’s not surprising that there are attempts to muddy the waters to cover up what has been exposed.”

But senior Tory Bob Seely, an expert on Russia, said: “It’s incredibly serious. These people know their stuff and they’re absolutely objective.

“This has raised a really vital question, has Jeremy Corbyn been an unwitting tool of a Russian disinformation campaign?”

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