Singer Sam Smith Reveals His Celebrity Crush

British crooner Sam Smith knows how to hit the right notes when it comes to churning out love ballads and pop hits, and gets a lot of inspiration from real life experiences. Smith has referred to themselves as a romantic at heart, especially when they’re coupled up in a relationship, but admits breakups are depressing and can take a toll. Smith has not given up on love, and like many people, even has a celebrity crush.

Smith’s celebrity crush is a famous actor

During a recent interview for SiriusXM’s Hits 1, Smith opened up about their current celeb crush to hosts Tony Fly and Symon. Who is it? None other than Honey Boy actor Shia LaBeouf. With their hand on their chest, they called LeBeouf “so fit,” and host Symon agreed.

“Do you know who came up on my phone last night? Shia LaBeouf. He’s so fit. He turns me on,” he said.

Tony Fly remarked that it’s out there now, but Smith ducked the notion of a matchup by saying they don’t think LaBeouf is gay, but they’d be happy to be his first.

Sam Smith is single right now

Smith was in a relationship with 13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn, but the pair split up in June 2018 after roughly nine months of dating. They opened up to UK publication, The Times, and said the breakup was amicable, calling their ex “wonderful,” and adding “All my relationships have ended in a nice way, never nasty.”

Smith has stated that they want to focus on work and thathopefully love will find its way to them when they’re not looking for it. Butit wasn’t easy to get to this point, as they told The Times that the breakupwas a heartbreak and it was hard for them to look at couples in love and jokedthat they wanted to poke their eyes out.

Smith recently came out as non-binary

When Smith initially announced they wanted to be referred to with gender neutral pronouns, they shared that it was both scary and freeing. But it’s informing their work in a way that feels authentically joyous and creative. The video for “How Do You Sleep?” was an example of that for Smith.

During Smith’s chat with Hits 1, theydiscussed embracing and being their feminine self in this world and the musicindustry. They said that although it’s freeing to be this vulnerable, they’rescared every day.

“I mean the music industry as you all know is very… can be a bit homophobic. It’s a bit sexist at times, so being, you know, feminine like this in the way that I move and dance and am… It feels quite scary at times, but it’s worth it.”

Shia LaBeouf hasn’t responded to Smith’s innocent revelation, but the last person the actor was linked to romantically was singer FKA Twigs. And Smith isn’t alone in his fondness for LaBeouf because years ago, Selena Gomez shared that she had a crush on him, and it was no secret Wendy Williams has swooned over him too. It’s obvious celebs are just like everyone else in the crush department.

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Carole Middleton reveals rare glimpse inside her office

Kate Middleton’s mother Carole reveals rare glimpse inside her plush barn conversion office as she decorates a Christmas tree – showing off fresh white walls, rustic beams and trendy exposed brickwork

  • Carole Middleton, 64, revealed a rare glimpse inside her offices in Berkshire 
  • Mother of Kate founded Party Pieces in ‘a garden shed’ in 1987 with Michael 
  • Shared snap while decorating, revealing rustic beams and exposed brickwork

Kate Middleton’s mother Carole has revealed a rare glimpse inside her plush barn conversion office, showing off fresh white walls and cream carpet, rustic beams and trendy brickwork. 

The grandmother, 64, founded Party Pieces with her husband Michael, 69, in 1987 in their garden shed, and moved into the barn at Childs Court Farm in Berkshire in 1993. 

Carole shared a snap to the company’s Instagram page while she decorated a huge Christmas tree in the barn, revealing a glimpse inside the rustic open-plan office. 

The picture comes a year on from reports the party supplies business could be in trouble, after it emerged there had been a ‘terrible air of doom and gloom’ around December last year. 

Carole Middleton, 64, revealed a sneak peek inside her plush converted barn offices for business ‘Party Pieces’, showing off rustic beams and exposed brickwork 

While the company was founded in Carole and Michael’s garden shed, they moved into the plush Childs Court Farm in Berkshire in 1993 (pictured, the outside of the office) 

Sharing the image, Carole posted: ‘Working next door to a Christmas Tree farm means we had the pick of the best Christmas trees.

‘Fairy lights, wooden ornaments, and the ever-important glittery baubles. There’s even a sneaky elf hidden somewhere in the branches.’

In the snap, the grandmother leaned across the large Christmas tree while she placed the star atop it’s branches.

The chic and trendy barn office can be seen in the background, with cream walls and carpet, wooden beams and neatly organised desks.

Kate’s mother founded the business in 1987, and has previously hinted her work keeps her sane amid the busy royal life (pictured with the Duchess of Cambridge in 2017) 

In a short video, the camera sweeps across the office to reveal huge wooden columns, exposed brick and enormous glass windows.   

The collection of Christmas decorations comes in sharp contrast to reports that last year there wasn’t much festivity at the company. 

But in March this year it was reported that the couple was facing fears over their businesses future.

At the time a source told The Sun that was said there ‘wasn’t so much as a Christmas tree or festive decoration in the office.’ 

Carole also revealed a short video sweeping across the decorated office, showing off huge windows and exposed beam columns 

The firm employs 30 people, but was said to let go three warehouse employees in December before letting go three more workers in March. 

Carole has publicly credited her children Kate, Pippa and James for helping grow the business.

On the company’s website, Carole wrote: ‘It’s always been a family business and all the children have played a part.

James established our personalised photo cakes, Catherine started the 1st birthday side of the business, and Pippa developed the Party Pieces blog.’  

Carole and husband Michael were said to be facing fears over the businesses future in March of this year (pictured together at Wimbledon in July) 

Carole has previously hinted she enjoys the business because it allows her to lead a life with people who knew the family before Kate became a royal (pictured, with granddaughter Charlotte and the Duchess in August)

The company, reportedly worth about £30 million, has almost exclusively funded the family’s upper-middle-class lifestyle.

The family own a secluded, seven-bedroomed, Grade II listed mansion in the village of Bucklebury, in Berkshire. 

In the past she has hinted the family business kept her sane amid the attention that comes with being Kate’s mother, telling Good Housekeeping Magazine: ‘I have two other children and grandchildren and my job, and I lead a lot of my life round here, where I’ve lived for years and people knew me before Catherine’s… impact.

‘It isn’t normal maybe to go to Louis’ christening or Catherine’s wedding, but, in the end, they’re all family events.’ 


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Billy Porter Reveals His Favorite Red Carpet Look Of 2019: They’re All My ‘Babies’

In 2019 Billy Porter established himself as a style icon by hitting the red carpet with one memorable outfit after the other. Now he’s revealing which one he loved the most.

Ask Billy Porter which one of his 2019 red carpet looks is his favorite and he’ll let you know in a heartbeat. For the 50-year-old Pose star it was the floor-length Christian Siriano tuxedo gown that he wore to the Academy Awards in February. “You know I love all my babies,” he told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY when we asked him to pick the outfit that he loved the best during a Dec. 2 interview. “There’s been so many of them and they come so fast and furious but, if I had to say, the marker for change, was the Oscar dress.”

And Billy is very clear about why the fashion moment is his favorite. “A man wore a dress to the Oscars and the world blew up,” he said. “I never imagined that my life would be – what I call – BO AO; Before Oscar and After Oscar. I never thought it would be that. That’s what it is. For my entire life and beyond that will always be in the description of me. Forever. That’s how definitive it’s been. That’s interesting to live it and to know it inside of that moment.”

Billy was busy interviewing his peers as a correspondent for ABC during the network’s Oscars preshow that night so he didn’t see in real time that his dress was causing a sensation on social media. “I was working,” he said. “People forget, I showed up to the Oscars to host on the red carpet. So I was hosting. I was at work when the Internet blew up.” It was Billy’s husband, Adam Smith, and the actor’s stylist who showed him the online reaction an hour and a half later. “Every picture, scrolling up on the phone, was me,” he said. “Every single picture… And I’m 50. I know nothing about that social media stuff. I had to hire a kid to do it for me.”

Billy wasn’t done. He also wowed his fans in May with his fabulous Met Gala 2019 red carpet arrival. His commitment to the night’s theme – “Camp: Notes on Fashion” – would make his Pose character Pray Tell (who loves to declare, “And the category is” on the hit show) proud. Billy took the direction to heart arriving at the event lying on a velvet chaise lounge carried by a gaggle of burly, bare-chested men, like a modern day Cleopatra. Both Billy and the men were dripping in gold and when he finally stepped foot on the red carpet he spread his sparkly wings to reveal a catsuit designed by fashion duo, The Blonds.

Billy is very aware that his bold fashion choices have inspired fans, who have approached him on the street and social media to thank him. “People have been very moved and changed by it,” he said. “I’m just kind of being myself and doing what I want to do finally, because that’s what happens when you’re 50. You have zero Fs to give to anybody and anything.”

As for what fans should expect from Billy on the red carpet in 2020, he’s remaining tight-lipped. He refused to even give a hint about what he plans to wear to the Golden Globes on Jan. 5. “I am working with a designer. That’s all I can tell you right now,” he said. “I’m not teasing any of it. You gotta be surprised. That’s the whole point. I’m not giving nothing away. Just know it will be grand. It will be grand. Know that.”

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Financial expert reveals the top budgeting mistakes people make

Financial expert reveals the top budgeting mistakes people make – and how you can grow your savings by THOUSANDS in 2020

  • Canna Campbell shared the eight budgeting errors she sees regularly
  • These include not having sanity money and doing your budget too tight
  • Canna said you need to assess your budget every fortnight or every month
  • Every time a new regular expense comes in, make sure it’s documented in it 

Financial expert Canna Campbell has revealed the eight main budgeting errors people make – and why they are stopping you from saving thousands of dollars.

The financial planner and single mum has built up an impressive portfolio of savings, even managing to net $36,000 on top of her salary in 13 months by cutting back and taking on new jobs.

Now, Canna has revealed how you can grow your ‘nest egg’ in 2020 – and the top pitfalls to avoid.

Scroll down for video 

Financial expert Canna Campbell (pictured) has revealed the eight main budgeting errors people make – and why they are stopping you from saving thousands of dollars

ERROR ONE: You’re doing your budget too tight 

Canna revealed that you should never budget too tightly, or you’ll be setting yourself up for a hard time.

‘To make your budgeting life easier, it’s always better to assume that things will be over the price that you think they are,’ Canna said in a video. 

She recommends rounding up all of your estimated expenses to the nearest $10 or $100.

‘So if your gym membership is $85 per month, then I would recommend you put it down in your budget as either $90 or $100 per month,’ Canna said.

Doing this allows yourself a margin for error, and means you won’t be caught unawares just before you get paid.

ERROR TWO: Not checking your budget on a regular basis

Canna said if you’re not checking your budget regularly, then you will never be set up for financial success.

‘As soon as you see a new regular expense, make sure you put it in your budget,’ she said.  

‘Don’t just assume that things will be okay, because again you’re making managing your budget so much harder for yourself.’

Each fortnight or each month, the financial planner recommends you check in with your budget and ‘ask yourself if your expenses are still the same’ or if anything needs to be added or changed.

It’s better to address new financial situations than ignore them, she said.

Each fortnight, the financial planner (pictured) recommends you check in with your budget and ‘ask yourself if your expenses are the same’ or if anything needs to be added or changed

ERROR THREE: Not having a separate emergency account

We’ve all been there when something breaks and you need to call a plumber or an electrician out for hundreds of dollars. 

But this is exactly why you need a separate emergency account on hand.

‘You can have this through your re-draw or offset facility, but the most important thing is that you have separate emergency money,’ Canna said.

This cash will not jeapordise your budget and its function – because it is kept separate.

ERROR FOUR: Time and patience

Canna said one of the biggest errors she sees people make is not allowing time to get better at budgeting.

‘Just like any sport or skill, it takes practice,’ she said.

‘Your budget is not going to work for you instantly – you need to figure out how to make it work and find your own rhythm.’

Canna’s top tip is to turn your budget into something you enjoy doing rather than dread every fortnight.

Whether it’s sitting down with it in bed on an early night or doing it with a glass of good wine, don’t let it become a chore but something you enjoy doing. 

ERROR FIVE: Acknowledgment

According to the financial planner, we all tend to downplay our living expenses and pretend that we’re not spending as much as we really are.

‘But when you sit down and add everything up, you’ll realise how much more everything costs,’ Canna said.

Kidding yourself helps no one – so you should always cross-reference your budget with both your bank account details and your credit card statements.

In the same way that you should never budget down to the last dollar, so too does Canna (pictured) say you need to allow yourself some sanity money

ERROR SIX: Communication 

All too regularly, Canna said she sees that people haven’t necessarily communicated their budget effectively with other family members or even their partner.

‘It’s really important that you and your partner sit down and go through your budget, and what stays and what goes,’ Canna said.

ERROR SEVEN: Distractions and temptations

Temptations are a fact of life, so make sure you factor in some cash for temptations every month.

‘Sometimes you might need to succumb to a temptation, but always try to replace that money in your budget as soon as possible,’ Canna said.

ERROR EIGHT: Not having any sanity money

In the same way that you should never budget down to the last dollar, so too does Canna say you need to allow yourself some sanity money.

‘Having a budget isn’t about depriving yourself; it’s about being financially responsible,’ she said.

Allow yourself some ‘sanity money’ – whether that’s a $4 coffee in a cafe, a $40 manicure and pedicure or a $400 brand new dress.

This will allow you to stay on track with your budget. 

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Software reveals what the world looks like through the eyes of animals

Bug-eyed: Cutting edge-software gives humans an ‘animal’s eye view’ of the world – but researchers warn it’s NOT like an Instagram filter

  • A computer programme has been created to visualise what various animals see  
  • It allows people to get an idea of what the world looks like for different creatures 
  • Designed for researchers to input their findings and see how it manifests itself  

Scientists have created a way for humans to see what the world looks like through the eyes of different animals. 

Researchers in Australia at the University of Queensland and a British team at the University of Exeter created a programme to shed light on the mysterious world.  

Understanding what animals see and how their sight varies to that of humans has been a focal point of many scientists for a long time, but there has been little done to physically visualise it.  

The software is now available for free online for researchers and avid amateurs to use, but its developers claim it is ‘not like an Instagram filter’. 

It can however be used with images taken by off-the-shelf cameras or smartphones, as well as photographs taken by complex scientific apparatus. 

Scroll down for video  

Different vision filters can be used by scientists to simulate how a bee sees the world. In this image, the same photo of a field of bluebells has been manipulated to reveal what it would look like to a human (left) and a bee (right)

The software is now available for free online for researchers and avid amateurs to use, but its developers claim it is ‘not like an Instagram filter’.  It can be used with images taken by off-the-shelf cameras or smartphones, as well as photographs taken by complex scientific apparatus

PhD candidate Cedric van den Berg from University of Queensland’s School of Biological Sciences said it is hard for humans to understand what animals really see. 

‘Most animals have completely different visual systems to humans, so—for many species—it is unclear how they see complex visual information or colour patterns in nature, and how this drives their behaviour,’ he said.

Mr van den Berg led the project to create the comprehensive software, called Quantitative Colour Pattern Analysis (QCPA). 

He referred to the computer software as ‘a collection of innovative digital image processing techniques and analytical tools’ to help image the world through the eyes of an animal.  

Dr Jolyon Troscianko, the study’s co-leader from the University of Exeter, said: ‘We have known for many years that understanding animal vision and signalling depends on combining colour and pattern information, but the available techniques were near impossible to implement without some key advances we developed for this framework.

‘You can even access most of its capabilities by using a cheap (~ $110 AUD, £60 GBP, $80 USD) smartphone to capture photos.’   

Dr Karen Cheney of the University of Queensland, said the framework can be applied to a wide range of habitats and conditions, including underwater. 

‘The flexibility of the framework allows researchers to investigate the colour patterns and natural surroundings of a wide range of organisms, such as insects, birds, fish and flowering plants,’ she said.

‘For example, we can now truly understand the impacts of coral bleaching for camouflaged reef creatures in a new and informative way.’

‘We’re helping people—wherever they are—to cross the boundaries between human and animal visual perception.’

‘It’s really a platform that anyone can build on, so we’re keen to see what future breakthroughs are ahead.’

The study is published in Methods in Ecology and Evolution and can be found online.    


Animals, including humans, have a variety of complex structures in their eyes which allow them to see.

The pupil contracts to limit how much light is allowed in, much like a camera lens.  

Most animals have both cones and rods in their eyes, which are called photoreceptors and are found in the retina. 

Cones allow people to see colour and rods are sensitive to low-light levels which allows for a grey scale between black and white.  

Humans, and many other animals, have three types of cones which each absorbs different wavelength of lights. 

With short, medium and long wavelength cones, the range of cones allows for a range of vision which incorporates the visible light spectrum.

This includes colours between red and blue – wavelengths ranging between 390 an 700 nm.

Other species, including many birds,  have four cones instead of three in a mutation known as tertrachromacy. 

This allows for animals to see light of an unusually short wavelength, which is normally considered to be UV light. 

These photoreceptors are triggered by light and then this produces an electrical signal as they change shape. 

Electrical signals are then carried to the brain via the optic nerve. 

Signals from both optic nerves are then brought together by the brain at  a point called the optic chiasm where the brain compares the two images.

This is what gives animals an understanding of depth and how far away objects are in their field of vision.  

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Liam Payne reveals he struggled to find his role as a dad as Cheryl was ‘always glued to son Bear’ – The Sun

LIAM Payne has confessed ex girlfriend Cheryl being "glued" to their son Bear sparked a struggle to cement his fatherhood role.

The 1D singer is proud dad to Bear, aged two, with the Girls Aloud beauty.

They were the height of happiness as a family of three following the tot's arrival in March 2017, yet after their split following a two-year relationship in 2018, chose to co-parent.

Strip That Down singer Liam, 26, cited Cheryl's close maternal bond with Bear as prompting a difficulty to connect.

He told the Guardian: "I built it up so much in my head. Finding your feet in that relationship between child and father – it's difficult.

"Cheryl was always really glued to Bear, so for me, I was like, “What's my role in this?

"If I cook and look after her, then in turn I'm looking after him – that made sense to me."

Liam, who is still friendly with Cheryl and spent Christmas with her and Bear last year and has never shied away from talking of first time fatherhood.

In particular, he has gushed over Cheryl, and told the Jonathan Ross show earlier this year: “She is a fantastic mum, I can't complain, she's absolutely awesome.

“She doesn't get on to me when I'm out working, doing different things, she understands.

"We do the very same job so it's not that different for us but yeah, she's awesome.”

He also sparked a few giggles when he admitted the toddler knew the word for sushi.

Previously, the Sun reported on Liam's struggle at juggling fatherhood with his career, after he admitted he is often forced to go weeks without seeing Bear.

He told The One Show of the "horrible" schedule conflict and admitted missing special moments in his life "hurts."

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Paul Wesley Reveals When The Vampire Diaries Jumped the Shark, How He Wished It Had Ended

The “Tell Me a Story” star opens up about his time on the pop culture phenomenon CW series and how he influenced the direction of his character, Stefan Salvatore.

For a certain generation of fans, Paul Wesley will always be Stefan Salvatore, the immortal 17-year-old boy of their dreams who ripped his way into their hearts for eight seasons on "The Vampire Diaries."

It’s only been two-and-a-half years since we said goodbye to the Savlatore brothers and Mystic Falls, but it’s all fans wanted to talk about when the "Tell Me a Story" star swung by the "Watch What Happens Live" clubhouse on Monday night. And the actor proved more than willing to go there, even if it meant revealing his true feelings about the show that arguably made him a star.

When asked if there was any chance of him reviving his character for the spinoff series "Legacies," currently airing on the network. "Oh, no," Paul laughed, emphasizing that — spoiler alert — Stefan was dead and he was "very happy" that the writers agreed to kill off his character.

"I actually had requested that he die. Because he did a lot of bad things and I felt like he deserved death," Paul explained. That said, the closing moments of the series finale kind of showed how death isn’t necessarily the end for people in this world. In fact, that kind of became the show’s biggest problem for Paul.

One viewer asked if there was a point in the show’s eight-year run when he felt it had perhaps jumped the shark, and Paul with almost no hesitation laughed and gave a drawn out, "Yes."

Honestly, it was surprising how candidly he was willing to talk about it when pushed by Andy Cohen to offer up an example. After all, Paul remains tied to the franchise, even returning to direct an episode in its first season.

Nevertheless, he was quite candid when he said that one of his biggest problems with the show as it progressed was that "everyone was a supernatural being."

"What the hell?" he asked. "There needs to be some humans, we’re in the real world!" He’s not wrong, as one by one even the human characters seemed to succumb to some supernatural fate or another. And even the few characters who did manage to hang on to their humanity (or regain it) always had wildly supernatural things happening to them or temporarily changing them.

"Everyone in the whole town was a mystical creature," Paul joked. "I feel like it should have been 50/50." Well, while it may have started that way, it definitely didn’t wind up that way toward the end.

Speaking of all those bad things Stefan did throughout the run of the show, and particularly during his "Ripper" phase, Paul took some credit for that as well. "I was playing the good guy," he said. "I felt like I was starting to become a little bit typecast as the good brother and I really tried my best to influence them to allow me to be the bad guy and they made that happen."

By Season 3, Paul had emerged as the "ripper" and the shift between the brothers started to become more dramatic … hell, everything started to become more and more and more dramatic with each passing episode.

So with his belief that the show may have jumped the shark and gone too far with making everyone supernatural in one way or the other, how would Paul have ended the show differently? In the original run, he sacrificed himself and helped restore humanity to Damon and Elena so they could live happily ever after … just not forever and without all the bloodsucking.

" I honestly think both brothers should have died," he confessed of the creators choosing to keep Damon alive.

But his vision didn’t stop there. "I would have liked that we both died and that Elena … all of her memory was wiped and she went on to live a normal life and forgot that we ever existed. I think that would have been nice."

In other words, all the horrors she had endured would have been wiped from her mind and she could have simply moved on and forgotten about all the awful things that go bump in the night. What about all the people she lost along the way? Maybe she’d forget about them completely.

As the series was a romance — though both he and Damon actor Ian Somerhalder believe the biggest romance (non-sexual) of the series was between the brothers — perhaps that would have been an even more romantic ending, in a tragically sweet sort of way.

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