So Here’s What Astrology Taught Us About Ourselves in the 2010s—and What to Do Next with Those Life Lessons

The 2010s have been a wild ride! We’ve learned a lot about ourselves, others, and the world we live in. With the beginning of a new decade coming at us in a few weeks, let’s pause for a quick sec to reflect on all the life lessons that astrology has taught us (er, or at least has been trying to teach us). Oh, and then we can use that insight to casually become better versions of ourselves in the 2020s, NBD.


This past decade has made you a force to be reckoned with. But what you’ve learned is that you don’t always have to fight to prove that you’re right. You’ll be entering a new dreamy phase of life, which will be totally different from your notoriously assertive demeanor. In fact, you will want to sit by the sidelines and not participate in the heated arguments.


You’ve been finding your place in the world for the last decade. In this time, you’ve focused your energy on evolving your vibe and mind. Now, you’re taking your words of wisdom to the masses. We’re talking self-help guru status, people! The world (or, um, your crew) will relate to your inspirational stories. Get ready to motivate.


Your career and cash flow was a source of frustration in the 2010s. But good news: the 2020s will bring a sense of clarity to your professional life. You’ve suffered from bad investments, unwise financial advice, and learned how to deal with problems on the career front. You’ll use these hard life lessons as wisdom and elevate yourself to baller status—never allowing yourself to make the same mistakes twice.


You’ve been cautious about who you partner with, and afraid to lose control when it comes to love. The upcoming decade allows you to live your love life on the wild side and be extreme. Instead of safeguarding your heart, you’ll be full throttle. You’ll make strong declarations in love that will take you right out of your comfort zone.


Throughout the 2010s you’ve charmed others to get your way. But, um, in the next decade your flirtatious sentiments will backfire. You may decide to open up a committed relationship, take a break from your S.O., or have a tumultuous affair with a sidepiece. Love will be a bumpy ride. Relationships will start and end abruptly…and then restart. Think of this as your karma (sorry!).


You’ve opened your heart, wallet, and home to those you care about through the 2010s—without complaining. And you’re learning that it’s imperative for you to set some major boundaries in the 2020s with those in your immediate circle, otherwise you risk them taking advantage of you. You’ll even come to that realization during the mid-2020s, causing you to act out in all your interpersonal relationships.


It’s safe to say that love is always on your brain—and it has been for the past decade. But, in the 2020s you may become off-balanced, starry-eyed, and consumed with affairs of the heart—ignoring other obligations in the process. Before you drink the romantic Kool-Aid, make sure that you are in love with the person you’re with, not the idea of love itself.


Your drive and desire for success in the 2010s has brought you to the top of your game. The 2020s encourage you to take a backseat from the throne and help others achieve notoriety. Your time in the sun is far from over—you’re just using your wisdom to help others gain fame, too. Think Oprah.


This upcoming decade is all about reaping what you sow. You’ve played with other people’s hearts and emotions for the past 10 years, and in the 2020s, relationships will be on-again and off-again, up and down, even sideways!


You spent the 2010s becoming a powerhouse. And all of your hard work will def bring you to the next level of your career (and tax bracket) in the 2020s. But you’re also chilling out and your desire to maintain big boss energy will take a backseat to building a home, not an empire.


Admit it: you’ve been dreaming of flexing your creative talents for most of the 2010s, and honing your skills in the meantime. Finally, your decade to shine is here! You’ll finally get to take centerstage and be recognized for whatever it is you’re doing under the spotlight.


You’ve spent the better half of the 2010s trying to find yourself. What you’ll come to see in the next decade is that you need to heal yourself (on the inside, not just the outside) in order to elevate your spirit. This may mean require an emotional detox, JSYK. Old wounds from the past may come up in the process—try to be extra gentle with yourself.

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12 Gifts So Cozy You Can Practically Feel the Fluff Through Your Screen

There’s so much to love about the most wonderful time of the year, and giving gifts to the special people in your life is at the top of the list for many of us. After all, few things feel better than seeing someone’s reaction when you surprise them with something they truly love. 

But sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge (to put it lightly) to find the perfect presents for your friends and family. It can occasionally even become a source of stress.

Not to worry, though. We’re here to help with a few ideas. We think some of the best presents you can hand out are the practical ones your friends and family are going to enjoy and use not only around the holidays, but throughout the year — namely, gifts that bring comfort. So we’ve picked out some items from The Company Store that can keep the people on your nice list nice and cozy all year ‘round.

(We should warn you that you might want to pick up some of these gifts for yourself, while you’re shopping for others.) 


Matching Family Pajamas

If you’re shopping for an entire family, these Family Pajamas allow everyone to match in a generally adorable fashion — while also ensuring each member of the group stays nice and comfortable during and after the holiday festivities. They come in a slew of different styles and patterns — from Santa to snowmen to playful, festive  llamas — and they also have pairs available for the furry members of the family. For every pair sold through Dec. 18, The Company Store will donate $1 to Ronald McDonald House New York, an organization that provides a caring and supportive environment for pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Legends Luxury Geneva Hungarian White Goose Down and Oversized Comforter

You can’t spell “comforter” without “comfort” (sorry, we had to). And few comforters are as lofty and opulent as The Company Store’s Legends Luxury Geneva Hungarian White Goose Down and Oversized Comforters. They combine the insulating warmth of 600-650 fill power premium certified Hungarian white goose down with the silky touch of 400-thread count combed cotton sateen, which is luxurious to say the least. They’re available in a range of  sizes, as well as four custom densities (super-light, light, medium, and extra warmth) to satisfy your friends’ or loved ones’ preferred sleep styles. And they come with a lifelong guarantee, so whoever is on the receiving end of this gift will be feeling comfortable at night for years to come. This comforter is a tough one to beat when it comes to cozying up in bed after a long day. 

Best Down Pillows

Pillows: They’re something that everyone needs, but that few people ever really think to invest in for themselves — making them a great, useful and likely surprising gift. You may want to consider the Best RDS Certified European Down Pillows, which come in four different densities to provide customized support for your head, neck, shoulders and back, so your gift recipient will get the best night’s rest for the type of sleeper they happen to be. The densities include soft for stomach sleepers, medium for back sleepers, firm for side sleepers and extra-firm for side sleepers who need a little bit of additional support.

Cardinal Printed Flannel Bedding

If you haven’t tried flannel bedding before, be assured that it can take your in-bed rest and relaxation to a new level of comfort, especially when you want to stay warm on a cold winter night. The Company Store’s Winter Cardinal 5 oz. Cotton Flannel Collection — which include a flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcases, duvet cover and sham — features pairs of cardinals roosting on wintery branches. The bedding is produced from the coziest cotton flannel that has been brushed on both sides for ultimate softness.

Luxury Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheets

For those who have given flannel sheets a shot and found out it wasn’t particularly for them, there’s the Legends Luxury 600-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Collection, which can help make for just as great a night’s sleep. After all, a 600-thread count is definitely nothing to take lightly, and the sateen weave makes for subtle luster and even more softness, while the long-staple fibers help ensure lasting smoothness no matter how many times you wash them.

Gravity Weighted Blanket

What kind of gift can be more comforting than a gift that actually eases anxiety and stress, like a weighted blanket? By relaxing the body’s nervous system, they’ve been known to ease insomnia and stress which helps provide a sense of calm and well-being. And the Gravity Weighted Blanket is a great choice when it comes to these amazing blankets. Filled with weighted microbeads, the plush microfleece duvet is designed to help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper, more satisfying night’s sleep. It comes in three different weights, so you can choose the best fit for whoever is going to be receiving it. (The blanket is ideally supposed to be somewhere around 7-12 percent of the user’s body weight.)

Company Cotton Turkish Cotton Robe

If you’re living your best, most comfortable life, a decent robe is, quite frankly, a must — and they can keep you nice and comfortable around the holidays or any day of the year. The unisex Company Cotton Turkish Cotton Robe, a cozy classic from The Company Store, is made to wear at home, but is designed with luxurious spa style in mind. The unisex robes are loomed of plush, absorbent Turkish cotton and come with a cozy shawl collar, self-belt, patch pockets, and turn-back cuffs. They can even be personalized with a monogram, if you want to add an ultra-unique touch to your gift.

Monogrammable Towels

Few things are more comforting than a fresh, soft towel when you’re getting out of a nice and warm shower or bath, which makes them a great and very useful gift. And The Company Store offers a very broad selection of them, with cotton, bamboo and eco-friendly options, among others. Many of them are monogrammable as well, so you can personalize them for the people you care about most.

Pima Cotton Neckband Pajama Set

If you’re looking to gift someone something soft that’s perfect for relaxed lounging at home, the Pima Cotton Neckband Pajama Set is a nice option. It’s made in peru from the pima interlock, a super-soft fabric with an exquisite drape. The set includes a long-sleeve pajama top and full-length pants, and it comes in five different colors.

Company Quilt

The Company Quilt is the kind of gift that will keep the people you care about comfortable 365 days a year. A soft and lightweight bedding layer, it’s great to add weight on summer evenings, and great for adding warmth when paired with other blankets and comforters on those cold winter nights. It’s also worth mentioning that these quilts are pretty stellar for fort-building.

LoftAIRE Down Alternative Holiday Throws

LoftAIRE Down Alternative Holiday Throws will bring some stylish holiday cheer to the beds of your friends, family and loved ones. They come in several patterns including berry, trees and penguins. The 230-thread count 100 percent cotton shell is filled for ultimate comfort with LoftAIRE, an exclusive high-quality synthetic microfiber that mimics the loftiness and insulating properties of down. It’s The Company Store’s best-selling throw blanket, updated for the holiday season!

Character Hooded Towels

For the kids on your list, Character Hooded Towels are a great gift to help them get their imagination going after a bath or a swim. These soft, cozy cotton towels adorned with 3D details come in all kinds of character designs, including mermaid, knight, octopus and astronaut, to name just a few. And each different design is monogrammable, to make your little one’s towel extra special.

This post was created by SheKnows for The Company Store. 

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Why rest days are so important for runners (and when you should take them)

When you’re training with a specific running target in mind, rest can feel like you’re cheating – but it’s the exact opposite.

Rest days should be an intrinsic part of any runner’s training plan. Not only will rest help your body to recover and your muscles to heal, it will also help you re-energise, re-motivate and prevent fitness burnout.

Rest is a highly underestimated aspect of running, but it is essential for promoting performance, preventing injury and aiding recovery. The tricky thing can be knowing how many rest days to take and when to take them.

When should you take a rest day?

Annoyingly, there is no single answer to this. It very much depends on your individual training programme; how hard you’re pushing your body and how much rest your body needs.

But, as a rule of thumb – less experienced runners will probably want to take two rest days every week. It’s also wise to not run for more than four consecutive days in a row – particularly if you are injury prone.

Mondays can be a good choice for taking a rest, particularly if you tend to complete longer, more demanding runs at the weekend.

More experienced runners might choose to take a rest day every seven – 10 days. And some runners might get by with gentler, recovery runs, and rarely taking a day off.

Any more than two rest days per week isn’t really advisable unless you are brand new to running, or over 50 years old.

If you take too many rest days, you can end up packing too many miles into too few runs – which can increase your risk of injury. Focus on frequency and consistency instead.

Why are rest days important?

Whether you’re strictly a recreational runner, or an elite performance athlete, all levels of runners can benefit from a well-planned rest program and at least one-day off from the training schedule each week.

But what benefits can rest actually offer, other than the chance to catch up with doing absolutely nothing on your sofa?

We asked the experts at TRR Nutrition for their advice on the benefits of taking a day off:

Encourages muscles to recover and strengthen

Running (as with any form of exercise) can create microscopic tears in muscle fibres. To counteract this, the body rebuilds the muscles stronger.

However, this only happens in rest periods and it’s therefore important to ensure your body has enough rest to allow muscles to repair and strengthen.

Prevents injury

It might not be rocket science, but it is important to remember that rest is integral to injury prevention. Not resting adequately can lead to minor injuries becoming major ones.

Overdoing it can lead to muscles and joints suffering from overuse, resulting in injury.

Improves performance

Adequate rest allows the body to conserve and restore energy levels. Enhanced energy levels contribute to a greater quality in each training session, helping to aid performance levels.

Maintains focus

Although the mental health benefits of running are well documented and accepted, taking a planned day or two out can assist mental clarity.

The break from training helps your brain to relax and encourages focus and energy.

Aids a good night’s sleep

When you run, your body doesn’t know why you are running. This can elevate levels of the stress hormone cortisol, making you feel irritable and restless.

Ensuring that you rest will help to stabilise both heart rate and alertness and help you to sleep soundly.

Allows the immune system to work effectively

When our bodies experience intense activity and training, our immune systems are working on overdrive to repair muscles and joints.

Without proper periods of rest, the immune system is unable to repair properly, and this can result in both inflammation and injury.

How to make the most out of your rest days


Give your nutrition some thought, ensure meals and snacks are planned and refuel your body with nourishing meals that will allow your body to perform efficiently.

Chill Out

Naturally active individuals can find the concept of inactivity terrifying! Take the opportunity to let the body relax and recuperate effectively by undertaking some relaxing activities.

Yoga can be a good option for those who still want to move as it can help refine useful relaxation techniques.

Try a supplement

Nothing replaces a good well-balanced diet, but sometimes the body needs a little help.

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